You can’t have too many, it turns out. We favour the t-shirt neck style ones which you yank over the babies’ heads, worn with a pelican bib to catch spillages. My baby has already learned that if she drops something there’s every chance that it’s in the scoop of her Tommee Tippee bib.

The reason she wears another bib underneath is that the Tommee Tippee ones appear to be designed for older babies (but of course, our infants are so very advanced…) so their necks remain a bit exposed to grime.

Post Script

I think this was one of the first things I ever wrote on this blog, so imagine my embarassment today, just over two months later, when I realised “… but if I just cut another hole in the neck then I won’t have to faff about with two bibs every time…”

Eureka! Easy-peasy. I just cut a cross where I would have liked a hole to be with a sharp kitchen knife and hey bingo, one fully operational bib. Don’t know what the Health and Safety implications are – obviously I wouldn’t recommend cutting the cross shape while the child is still wearing the bib – but it looked fine to me.

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