As it happens, Morv’s little girl eats citrus fruits by the bucketload but because I have a friend with a serious citrus allergy I was pretty cautious about giving them to Babybear. Please note that it’s a friend who has the allergy, not a member of my family, so I was being precious to say the least.

Anyway I know all that stuff about the weaning window of opportunity is a load of prize-winning bolleaux but by the time I got around to ‘risking’ a bit of orange Babybear was having none of it. I had to listen to Morv’s tales of Boomer’s incredible tangerine consumption with considerable envy.

So I mentioned this state of affairs to my mother, who occasionally takes Babybear for the day (to give me time to clean our midden of a home…if you could see it you’d know how occasional the babysitting). And blow me, did the old dear not tell me that Babybear has been eating clementines at Grandma’s for months now..?

I’ve seen it with my own eyes now, we were round at my mum’s for dinner tonight. There she was, stuffing her face and shouting for more. Hhhmmmmm. Am off to buy some tomorrow. What’s the betting she won’t take them from me?

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  1. Jessica May says:

    We gave LO a bit of Clementine which he totally loves to gum. He got so excited the other day that his whole fist was in his mouth, he gummed so hard he cried out in pain. He’d gummed his poor fingers a little too hard. LOL.

  2. Alice Tolen says:

    Do you just give them segments of clementine whole? My daughter is 7 months old this week (no teeth yet), and she just shoved the whole segment in and then didn’t know what to do! Any tips? Thanks!

  3. bimbambaloney says:

    Yep I used to do that too. Word of warning, too many clementines makes for some pretty acidic nappies and raw bottoms :(

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