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Bunny's Studenty Toasty Pizza

Wednesday, December 27th, 2006

This recipe has reminded me of the fact that when I was at university I thought it was genuinely witty that we had a sign above the toaster in our student flat that bore the legend 'Make Toast, Not War'… <Aitch wipes tears of  thirtysomething mirth from eyes>.

Thought you might like this uber easy recipe (using the word loosely!). It
requires no doughmaking, ideal for lazy types like me. This is how we used to
make pizza at uni when we'd spent all our food money on beer

Toast Pizza (aka
Cheese on toast with vegetables)
1 slice of
Cheese of
Lightly toast your
bread so the bottom won't be soggy. Spread a thin layer of tomato puree over the
top (you can make it yourself, but we use Organic Tomato Puree from Waitrose –
no added salt, hurrah). Cover with cheese – The Weeble is partial to mozzarella
and cheddar. Bung under the grill until the cheese is melted and bubbling. ALLOW
TO COOL! Molten cheese has thermonuclear properties!
If you are like me
and a bit slapdash with the cheese, you'll probably have burnt crusts, so cut
those off. Cut your “pizza” into strips (for bubbas; leave whole for older
children and mummies) and serve! Weebs really likes this, especially the way the
mozzarella can be made to stretch for miles when cool and
It occurs to me that
if you substitute another veg puree for the tomato, that would use up some of
that leftover puree we all seem to have… and also sneak in some vegetables
should you need to do so!
We're going to try
it again tomorrow with some small bits of cooked chicken embedded in the

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Bread and Butter

Wednesday, October 4th, 2006

For all that I do like cooking more complex meals, doing Baby Led Weaning with Babybear has re-introduced me to the simple pleasure of a slice of bread with a decidedly generous slathering of butter. (Hey, Babybear needs her fats, doesn't she?) As it happens I buy an unsalted butter and if possible organic as I once read an article on how they make spreads and those room temperature butters and it turned my stomach.

Certainly if you are just starting baby led weaning, the advice would be to toast the bread so that it doesn't go all claggy and get stuck in the roof of their mouths, but once the babies get better at eating (you'll know when) then I cannot recommend a good old slice of B'n'B too highly.

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Quick Tea

Tuesday, July 25th, 2006

We’ve all just returned from holiday and needed a quick dinner plus we had some pears looking a pit peaky.


Boomer took the pieces of toast and obviously the pear slices fell off but she just picked them up once she had finished with the toast.



Slices of wholemeal bread

Pesto (I used red pesto as that’s what we had in the fridge)

Slices of pear

Slices of cheese (whatever type you like we had a selection of whatsleftinthefridgeous variety)

Some fresh basil leaves (admittedly we didn’t have this tonight but I’ve used it before and it’s delicious)



Lightly toast the bread (either on one side under the grill or quickly in the toaster). Slice the toast half to create smaller pieces to create a couple of

Spread the toast with a slather of pesto, place a slice of pear and a leaf of basil on top and finish with a thin slice of cheese. Place under the grill until the cheese is nicely melted.

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Monday, July 17th, 2006

According to Gill Rapley, you are better off giving your child toast than bread because the toast is kinda crunchier and is less likely to go claggy and get stuck in the babies' mouths. (I hardly need add that she expresses the concept rather more elegantly than I just did.)
I started Babybear off with some crusts of Italian bread in a cafe (honestly, the life I lead… it's a social whirl) but it was a bit too sharp so I slightly pre-chewed it in the mummy bird style.

Back at home, I am more likely to toast bread, pop some cream cheese or butter or hummus on it and then cut it into slices for the baby.

Initially I used white bread (for that mega-insulin rush) but I have slowly moved her towards a brown multi-grain that her father and I eat. She did a bit of gagging on it a couple of times but it's fine now. I'm not sure about the brown bread, however, as I read on the internet that fibre can interfere with Vitamin C absorption. But we all know that things you find on the internet can be very unreliable, har, har…

If anyone has any information on this I'd be delighted to hear about it. Cheers, all.

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Mashed Banana on Toast

Thursday, July 13th, 2006


ok so not really a recipe as
such but she loves this – it is rather messy though , so for days when you
are feeling really strong!


2 slices of toast

1 mashed banana



Spread mashed
banana over toasted bread , slice into soldiers, hand to baby – stand back …



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