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Rice Cakes

Monday, July 17th, 2006

So far, rice cakes are the only food stuff that break my somewhat sniffy 'if I wouldn't eat them, I'm not giving them to my baby' rule. God, but they honk…
Anyway, as long as you don't breathe in when you open the bag then rice cakes are useful for taking out with you as they don't make much mess. I take them out in a dinky little Tupperware pot that I bought for my purees, haw haw.
I buy Cow & Gate ones which are especially for babies and have extra vitamins added and don't contain added salt etc etc but I'd be interested to know if it'd be cheaper or somehow better to get adult 'no-salt' ones. Of course, they wouldn't fit in my baby-sized plastic pots…
If we are in the house I put hummus or cream cheese on them, which Babybear licks off/sticks up her nose/rubs into her hair before sucking the rice cake to death.
I can't think that there's much to recommend them nutritionally, other than if you are trying to avoid gluten which I appreciate a lot of people are. I just give her them because they are tidy. Does that make me a bad mother, I ask you?

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