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Bunny's Studenty Toasty Pizza

Wednesday, December 27th, 2006

This recipe has reminded me of the fact that when I was at university I thought it was genuinely witty that we had a sign above the toaster in our student flat that bore the legend 'Make Toast, Not War'… <Aitch wipes tears of  thirtysomething mirth from eyes>.

Thought you might like this uber easy recipe (using the word loosely!). It
requires no doughmaking, ideal for lazy types like me. This is how we used to
make pizza at uni when we'd spent all our food money on beer

Toast Pizza (aka
Cheese on toast with vegetables)
1 slice of
Cheese of
Lightly toast your
bread so the bottom won't be soggy. Spread a thin layer of tomato puree over the
top (you can make it yourself, but we use Organic Tomato Puree from Waitrose –
no added salt, hurrah). Cover with cheese – The Weeble is partial to mozzarella
and cheddar. Bung under the grill until the cheese is melted and bubbling. ALLOW
TO COOL! Molten cheese has thermonuclear properties!
If you are like me
and a bit slapdash with the cheese, you'll probably have burnt crusts, so cut
those off. Cut your “pizza” into strips (for bubbas; leave whole for older
children and mummies) and serve! Weebs really likes this, especially the way the
mozzarella can be made to stretch for miles when cool and
It occurs to me that
if you substitute another veg puree for the tomato, that would use up some of
that leftover puree we all seem to have… and also sneak in some vegetables
should you need to do so!
We're going to try
it again tomorrow with some small bits of cooked chicken embedded in the

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Rowan's 10-minute pizza recipe

Tuesday, November 7th, 2006

Appearently this really does take 10 minutes… which makes it rather a handy little recipe to have at our disposal. I bet it would be good cold as well.

This is a really quick pizza, takes literally 10 minutes from entering the kitchen
to putting in oven.

Make dough by mixing 4 parts self raising flour with
1 part butter and rubbing until you get breadcrumb type mixture. (it's faster if
you grate the butter straight from the fridge) –  4oz flour to 1 oz butter makes 3
small pizzas.

Slowly add about 50 ml milk a splash at a time and stirring
with a spoon each time until you get a dough. You might not need it

Knead with hands in bowl (or get handy toddler to help…) and split into
pieces depending on how many pizzas you want.  Or leave it as one massive one,

Put dough on oiled baking tray and smoosh with fingers until it is
the right size, it doesn't have to be even.

Spread on some red pesto sauce
straight from the jar.

Add veg of choice (the Munch likes thin strips of
courgette (use a potato peeler) or carrot, peas, beans, bits of
broccoli, that sort of thing…)

Daintily dump some grated cheddar cheese on top.

Put in oven,
Gas Mark 6, for about 10 minutes for hand sized, longer for bigger.

Cut into pieces
and eat yours while waiting for the rest to cool.

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DanielMummy's Pizza Recipe

Monday, September 11th, 2006

…requires a breadmaker. Which would be fine chez nous, were it not for the fact we recently gave ours away because we just weren't using it enough. Typical.

I think the spinach and cheese topping sounds particulalry delish and may yet find myself experimenting using my old student standby – the tortilla wrap as pizza base.  That and 10p noodles kept me going through the lean years, let me tell you.

“Here's the recipe.  This makes two 11 inch pizzas, which Daniel
(9 months),  me and DH all enjoyed.  And there's nearly half left still, so
quantities could be reduced.



225 ml warm water

1 and a half tbsp oil

325g bread flour (I used white, but could
do a 50/50 white/wholemeal mix) 2 tbsp sugar 1 tsp dried yeast


Topping (pizza 1)

Half a tube of tomato puree

Lots of grated cheese (I used cheddar)

Selection of your choice vegetables (I used
2 shallots – chopped and fried, 2 cherry tomatoes – skinned and sliced,
broccoli – finely chopped, sweetcorn)


Topping (pizza 2)

A tub of cream cheese

6 cubes of frozen spinach (defrosted)

1 tsp fried shallot (taken from that
prepared for pizza 1)

A pinch of mixed spice

Small amount of grated cheese


Put water and oil in breadmaker.  Cover with the flour.  Put sugar in one corner. 
Make indentation in flour for yeast and make on dough setting. (Adapt this stage to do by hand, if you
haven't got a breadmaker). Grease two 11inch circular pizza tins and preheat
oven (220 deg for fan oven). Once dough is ready, divide in half between
the 2 tins. Press to a flat round shape to fill tin
(best to cover your hands in flour to avoid dough sticking to your fingers). Cover with oiled clingfilm for 15 mins.

Then do the toppings.

Pizza 1 – cover base with tomato puree
nearly to edge.  Then distribute the veggies over.  Finally, top with loads of grated cheese.

Pizza 2 – cover base with cream cheese
nearly to edge. Mix the spinach, shallot and spice together.  Spread the mixture over the cream
cheese. Sprinkle a little grated cheese over the

Put the pizzas in the oven for about 15
minutes until golden and sizzling (probably a little longer if not a fan
oven). Serve immediately for adults, but let it
cool a bit for babies.  And cut babies' portions into pieces about 1-2
inches.  (I didn't give Daniel any of the crust, but it would be nice and chewy
for teething).”


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