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Now she gets to have an opinion… dammit

Friday, October 27th, 2006

So in the beginning it was all 'Wow, what's this green stuff? Broccoli? Really? Wonder what it tastes like?' etcetera etcetera. But now she's tasted a few things Babybear is beginning to let me know her likes and dislikes.

She's a bit off the broccoli, to be honest, but can't get enough apples. (It's very cute, we've put the fruit bowl on a low table and she goes and grabs an apple or a banana when she fancies one. Not that she can get them started without some help, I mean she is fairly gifted, obviously, but she's not that good…)

She has decided that she is over green beans but she still loves peas, frozen or cooked. Cauliflower she can take or leave. But then so can I. She seems to like all of her carbs, so she's delighted to eat pasta, bread and porridge, and happily chomps down on lentils, beans and meat. Steak is okay, pork is better but chicken, by god… she adores roast chicken, basically eating the meat off two legs of chicken the other night. I didn't hand her the whole leg, by the way, I am aware that she's not Henry VIII.

However carrot, my friends, is off the menu. Won't even touch it, bless her headstrong little socks.

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The 'You've Poisoned Me' Face

Sunday, September 10th, 2006

I just wanted to check… is it just Babybear who, upon eating something, anything, for the first time pulls a face like I've just handed her an arsenic sandwich and actually shivers with revulsion? I'm tempted to give her something really revolting to see if she can crank it up a gear to express genuine horror. That would be very wrong, though, wouldn't it?

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