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Tuesday, August 15th, 2006

Boomer loooves nectarines and so do I so it’s grand. I started by giving slices of necatarines to Boomer (roughly a eighth but sometimes a quarter if the fruit was quite small) . At first I would hold the piece and she would suck of the flesh – this was when she was about 5 ½ months. By about 6 mths I could leave pieces on her high chair and dance away to do other exciting mummy tasks – while obviously never leaving my child unattended.


Now Boomer is 7 and a wee bitty mths and she can hold a eat a nectarine by herself. I often take a wee bite out of it to get her started – not because I want it myself of course.


She is also teething at the moment and I think she actually quite enjoys chomping the stone was she has demolished the nectarine. I do take the stone away fairly quickly though as it’s kinda chokey chokey gullet sized.

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