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Mountains of Mess

Saturday, August 5th, 2006

Having had it pointed out that the spare bit of lino in our bathroom would make the ideal mat for under Boomer’s highchair (thanks Aitch!). I’ve been using this square of lino for a couple of weeks now.


It’s great , the bits that Boomer has finished with pretty much land on the square. So once breakfast/lunch/snack etc is finished I just shake the lumps of banana or whatever into the bin and give the lino a quick skoosh with the anti-bacterial stuff and a wipe down.

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Tuesday, July 25th, 2006

A lovely word, that…stains. Really sums up the glamour of being a mother, I find. Anyway, I am most flattered to have been asked (by a real live person called Jenn who I don't even know) to start thinking about how to get food debris out of clothing, bibs and soft furnishings. Hmmmmm.

I can tell you what NOT to do, for a kick-off… under no circumstances spray Vanish onto sofas or carpets, as it bleaches the colour right out of them. I am now forced always to sit on the same cushion to conceal the fact that it is markedly paler than the rest of the couch. My husband has pointed out that it also affords the best view of the television but he is just being needlessly critical.

As far as I can make out, banana is indelible. You could use it to write protest graffitti  on council buildings and it would be there until your baby is old enough to vote. I tend to dunk banana bibs in water as soon as she's finished eating. In fact, I think that's perhaps the secret. Make sure that you scrape any actual food off the bib and dunk it in water. After a few days in the laundry bin they start to smell, which I find to be a handy reminder that I need to put another bloody  washing on.

And I do use Vanish for other things, such as peach and pear, with some success, but I'd be very interested to see if anyone has any tips which don't involve me burning my Fairy-soft hands with an industrial solvent.

So come on Mysterious Jenn, whoever you are, or anyone else… can anyone help?

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Try Not to Clean

Thursday, July 13th, 2006

No really. Obviously it's a good idea to clean up after your baby has eaten, unless you fancy a wee visit from the Environmental Health, but try not to do it during their meal. Why? Well, how stressful do you find it when you're out for a meal and the waiter is too attentive?
So try to ignore the mess, in fact try to revel in it. It's hilarious. It's good for them – that mess is teaching them that dinner time isn't stressful, it's enjoyable. And once your baby is finished you can just dip their hands and feet in the bathroom sink for a wash and a face splash while their father gets busy at the highchair with a selection of anti-bacterial wipes. Well, maybe.

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Put Something on the Floor

Thursday, July 13th, 2006

 I've seen people recommend putting a shower curtain down, which seems a
bit of a faff to me but might work for some. You can also buy a plastic
sheet for £3.95 on ebay. £3.95! For a plastic sheet, for god's sake.
Plus postage, naturally.

I'd like to get a nice piece of lino,
probably about a metre by a metre but I haven't got that  organised yet
so at the moment I'm making do with some old washable wallpaper that I
found lying about my gaff. It's working rather well, I must say. And
when I say washable, I mean silk-backed, 80 quid a metre, la-di-dah.
It's not mine… if only.

Anyway, something is better than
nothing. We've got floorboards, it was a flippin' nightmare trying to
get bits of cheese out of the cracks. As the actress said to the bishop…

PS A rather charming woman called Nell has just left a comment to suggest putting a  newspaper down on the floor so that when it gets splattered you can just wheech off the top layer. It's a good idea, and as soon as I work out how to show the comments under the posts you will all be able to see it without clicking anything. Any ideas as to how I do this? Anyone?

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