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Tuesday, July 18th, 2006

Green, slimy, deee-licious, the avocado is probably the blandest foodstuff that my daughter eats. I first gave her it as a finger food proper (not a great success – it shot out of her hand and proved impossible to pick up – cue tears of frustration) but now she gets it on toast or a  rice cake. I take one out with us to the park and I eat half of it on bread (doused in lemon juice and buckets of salt, it's a heart attack waiting to happen) while the bub has some plain.
Some people think they are a pain to open up but the secret is to slice it in half lengthways and twist it (not unlike the peach) leaving you with one side open and the other still containing the stone. The spiffy thing with the avocado is that if you doink the knife into the stone it will lift straight out. Does not work with a peach, as I found out to mine and the NHS's cost.

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