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Eating together

Sunday, August 20th, 2006

Now I know that the absolute ideal is for the whole family to eat together every day, and if you have other children then baby led weaning must be perfect as the bubs should fit right into your existing schedule, but I do find it a bit tricky to organise in our rigidly disorganised household. Plus, as yet neither my husband nor I has any desire to eat our evening meal at 5pm.

So the point I was wanting to make is that despite this, I do make quite an effort to eat when she is eating, even if it is only some peach slices and a bit of cheese. And I have noticed, to my delight, that if I put quite a few different bits on her highchair tray, draw up  my own chair and we both make a grab for the things we fancy then she eats more and for longer. So, not quite as sociable as a big 'insieme' Italian family meal but if you're not Italian and not that sociable then it does work, I promise.

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Mountains of Mess

Saturday, August 5th, 2006

Having had it pointed out that the spare bit of lino in our bathroom would make the ideal mat for under Boomer’s highchair (thanks Aitch!). I’ve been using this square of lino for a couple of weeks now.


It’s great , the bits that Boomer has finished with pretty much land on the square. So once breakfast/lunch/snack etc is finished I just shake the lumps of banana or whatever into the bin and give the lino a quick skoosh with the anti-bacterial stuff and a wipe down.

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