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Cottage Cheese

Saturday, August 26th, 2006

For comedy value alone, I'd have to give cottage cheese a well-deserved A+. It's the single most amusing foodstuff she's ever consumed, and, well, it's certainly answered any questions we might have had about her pincer grip… she hasn't got one.

Oh, and by the way I am about to go through and change the baby's name again… it's going to be Babybear now, as my husband actually pointed out that we call her that more often than Babybird… sorry for any confusion, it is the same child I promise…

Anyway, I wasn't 100% what to do with the cottage cheese but inspired by Corriedale's insistence that her talented child eats it by the fistful  I plonked some on the highchair table.

The chubby paw went out to grab it as quick as you like, but of course it had mostly squished out through her fingers by the time she brought her hand to her mouth. This led to her chasing the little gobbets of cheese around her hand, up her arm, into her sleeve, and round and round her wrist. You gotta give her points for persistence…

We later tried it on a spoon, not too much, we really just dipped it into the pot, and the baby grabbed it and smushed it lovingly into her general cranio-facial area, occasionally pausing to chew on the spoon.

So thanks, Corriedale, Babybear loved the cottage cheese and it's now firmly on our regular shopping list. Oh, yeah, and thanks for warning me that she would require a full bath, hair wash and change of clothes afterwards…

Post Script
Since the advent of the pincer grip we are really making some progress with this, as Babybear has suddenly grasped the point of the spoons that I occasionally litter her high chair tray with. Where previously she has been utilising them as chew toys, drum sticks and impromptu eye gougers, she can now hold onto them properly round the handle (I've got some shaped Tommee Tippee ones) and feed herself without too much mess. We operate two spoons at a time, so I'm not shovelling anything into her mouth I promise. Anyway, it's made cottage cheese a much less messy prospect, whihc can only be a good thing.

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