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Chips. Yeah, Chips. What of it?

Friday, August 25th, 2006

Okay, perhaps the bravado is misplaced, it's really just potato wedgie things that my delightful husband cooks but they really are delicious.

He gets some King
Edwards or some other good chip potato and cuts them into wedges then
gets a bowl with a small amount of olive oil (say, 1 dessertspoon) and a splash of soy sauce (1 teaspoon)
and tips the potatoes in and rubs them with the mixture.

Then onto a wire rack in your roasting dish for about, say 40 mins (start prodding after half an hour). If you don't have a wire rack then
you'll need to turn them halfway, although really it's best with the rack as the air circulates all around and they go crispy. Delia says to use a baking tray but she is wrong.

Obviously, the soy sauce is salty so it should technically be left
off, but I always have to run them under the tap to cool them down for Babybear anyway so I guess it's washed off. Anyway, you'll see when/if you make them that the vast majority of the oil and soy get left in the bowl. By the way, we think organic potatoes taste better so that's what we use. (Get us…)

And sometimes, dammit, if we are out in a restaurant and I know that their food is of good quality and that their chips will arrive unsalted… then I give Babybear a chip. And she loves it.

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Monday, July 17th, 2006

It was just one. Her Grandma gave it to her. There was no salt on it. It was a nice restaurant. We were out for Babybear's father's birthday. It won't happen again. (Aitch hangs head in shame).
Babybear LOVED it, by the way. See photo.

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