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*drumroll* Find out who won the FB competition (and some news…)

Thursday, February 28th, 2013

So we had a comp on the Baby Led Facebook page to celebrate 6000 ‘likes’  (seriously… I KNOW).

Orange trousers?

My chum, the lovely and talented Charlie Meyer had offered us this charmingly bonkers image as a prize, and so it fell to her children to pick a name from a virtual hat, or at the very least make a bored, stabbing motion at the screen. And upon whom did their grubby finger alight?


Step forward Miss Laura Oakley! CONGRATULATIONS!  Make a speech! Oops, she fell over her huge dress! YAAAY!

We hope you love it very much.


(Also… I have another announcement. Brace yerselves.

As you may already have observed… we need to revamp the site. We (ahem, mostly mostly Jem) had actually done quite a bit, but it all had to get chucked for one reason and another and basically it’s all taking a long time. Money, innit? We can’t make the time to do it, because we’re not getting paid and we have mouths to feed.

So. The big plan had been to put ads on the new site, but unless we can make ourselves some time to make the site… we’re stuck.

New Plan.
We’re going to dip our toes into the ads thing (I’ve been refusing them for YEARS now) and see if that frees up some time for us. I’ll be careful, I promise. This whole thing, the site, the forum, the FB, the massively neglected Twitter feed… it’s nothing without you and no-one knows that better than I do, believe moi.  Stay tuned for further developments, folks.)

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Delia does make me smile…

Sunday, January 23rd, 2011

Great insight from a lady who doesn’t have any kids (and who NEVER takes her rings off while cooking – bleee!).

This, the opening paragraph of her Children’s section on her website. “Children can be fussy eaters but if you gradually introduce them to a wide range of foods they should become gourmets in the making. Here are some good options to start with..”

Delia’s good options? Five pages of cakes, pretty much.

I bet she’s a brilliant auntie.

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I have been pestering mums of more than two children…

Tuesday, September 5th, 2006

And here's what I've found… they all do Baby Led Weaning. In fact it was my own mother, who as you should already have gathered is right about everything, who said 'Oh for God's sake Aitch, stop reinventing the wheel, after the second child they're all baby led weaned.' Or words to that effect. She's really very supportive of me, you know. (I, by the way, am the eldest of four, weaned by the midwives onto baby rice at two weeks. It's a wonder I'm not typing this from my dialysis bed.)

So I have been asking parents of more than a couple of children that I have come across if they can tell me how weaning went for them. Without exception they tell me that they faithfully mixed purees for No. 1, slid a bit for No. 2 but No. 3 got loads more finger food. Partly because they were too busy for the one-on-one that spoon feeding requires and partly because by the third child they had established a routine whereby they were cooking actual real proper food every night that was suitable for children (no salt etc) and that while the mother is distracted by some dreadful menial domestic chore the baby is inevitably provided with some technically ‘unsuitable’ ie non
pureed food by their siblings and just gets started.

the mother, because she trusts her instincts and because she hasn’t yet broken the
first two kids, lets them get on with it. Now, I'm hardly tripping over people with three children or more in the street, they are increasingly hard to find… which makes me wonder if the fact that most of us have fewer children nowadays at a later age has separated us from the ‘natural’ way of
doing things? Well, until now, of course…

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