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Organic Mini Shreddies

Friday, December 29th, 2006

Or something like that. I could go and look at the pack but it's too far away…
Basically they are smaller than normal Shredded Wheat, so they're easy for the babies to hold onto. Obviously they're wheat, but salt-wise there's just a trace measurement so that's fine. I just microwave them for five seconds in a splash of cows' milk (because We Are One, y'know), so  they absorb the milk and soften a little. Babybear eats about fifteen of these in a sitting, she loves them with a banana. Good news, as Babybear was becoming – dare I say it? – a little bored with porridge pancakes. More to the point, they are pretty clean breakfast so essential for those morning when a quick getaway is required.

Post Script
Littleducks from Mumsnet has pointed out that it was she who told me about Mini Shreddies, and has therefore demanded due credit. (Diva.)

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Sunday, July 30th, 2006

Boomer has been born into a family with a long held belief in the health giving properties of starting the day with a couple of weetabix. This conviction has been passed down through generations.  This is from her fathers side I think the flaky logs are particularly loathsome.

Anyway, so I gave Boomer a dry weetabix to play with and she scoffed almost a whole one, she sucked on it chewed and generally mushed it up until it was gone.


A word of warning dried weetabix bits are like some kind of cement – they give a pebble dashed appearance. Boomer is going to require an extra half hour in the tub tonight.

I don’t really know what the solution would be perhaps immediate soaking after weetabix but that’s a bit of a faff.

I think the best solution is to let her enjoy weetabix with her papa and then let papa deal with the mess.

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