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Butternut Squash

Wednesday, August 2nd, 2006

Ooooh, my neighbours have just promised me a butternut squash from their organic allotment. How exciting…

More to the point I appear to have reached the end of the hellacious list that I wrote WEEKS ago on the front page which means I will soon be liberated, free at last to write about the other fifty million things that the baby has eaten recently. And post some actual recipes… be still my beating heart.

So, butternut squash, then? Roast it.

You know, peel it with a peeler, scoop out seeds (can be quite slimy and orangey) and cut into segments. Toss in some olive oil and sling in the oven at 180-ish fan and 200-ish for a normal oven. No salt, but you knew that already. I'm never very good at cooking times because I am an avid poker and prodder, but I'd say check it after 20 minutes to turn them over and you can see how long you think they've got to go. Not more than about another 10 minutes I'd have thought.

Husband and I eat this mostly as a potato substitute or in a risotto. More often the risotto, now that I think of it. I just make a white risotto (loads of parmesan, onion, carnaroli rice, garlic) and then stir the squash through at the end as it can break up too much and you are left with an orangey mush  and lord knows we are all here to avoid mush as much as possible.

The baby loves the chunks of squash, either warm or the next day cold and is very bold about eating the risotto with her hands as well. Her father and I put our salt on separately, so she's fine with it.

Oh, I have even spread warm roasted squash onto some buttered crusty bread for her when she was frankly too starving to wait a minute longer for food. I had some too, it was surprisingly comfort food-y.

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