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*drumroll* Find out who won the FB competition (and some news…)

Thursday, February 28th, 2013

So we had a comp on the Baby Led Facebook page to celebrate 6000 ‘likes’  (seriously… I KNOW).

Orange trousers?

My chum, the lovely and talented Charlie Meyer had offered us this charmingly bonkers image as a prize, and so it fell to her children to pick a name from a virtual hat, or at the very least make a bored, stabbing motion at the screen. And upon whom did their grubby finger alight?


Step forward Miss Laura Oakley! CONGRATULATIONS!  Make a speech! Oops, she fell over her huge dress! YAAAY!

We hope you love it very much.


(Also… I have another announcement. Brace yerselves.

As you may already have observed… we need to revamp the site. We (ahem, mostly mostly Jem) had actually done quite a bit, but it all had to get chucked for one reason and another and basically it’s all taking a long time. Money, innit? We can’t make the time to do it, because we’re not getting paid and we have mouths to feed.

So. The big plan had been to put ads on the new site, but unless we can make ourselves some time to make the site… we’re stuck.

New Plan.
We’re going to dip our toes into the ads thing (I’ve been refusing them for YEARS now) and see if that frees up some time for us. I’ll be careful, I promise. This whole thing, the site, the forum, the FB, the massively neglected Twitter feed… it’s nothing without you and no-one knows that better than I do, believe moi.  Stay tuned for further developments, folks.)

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I do itch a little when faced with ‘creative parenting’ blogs, however…

Saturday, February 5th, 2011

This looks like a reasonably non-allergenic one for people who want to do something other than switch on CBeebies first thing in the morning. (I will NOT hear a word said against Rastamouse, btw). It all looks messy and good-natured, and not too controlled. Haven’t looked at it all so don’t blame me if there is a ‘paint-your -own-monkey’s-backside-mask’ on there but the spaghetti paintings look like fun, don’t they?

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How To Put Recipes Onto The Blog

Monday, October 16th, 2006

Post them wherever you like, of course, but if you'd rather they didn't get lost in the scrum of comments then it's a good idea to email them to me and I'll stick them up 'officially' for you. With all due credit, of course…
Press on the Aitch above and you'll get my email address, along with a miniscule photo of Babybear and I, you poor creatures.

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Remember, this is a blog.

Saturday, October 14th, 2006

…so for everyone who's thinking 'where do I start?', the answer is generally 'at the bottom and read up'. In the case of Finger Foods, however, I have 'organised' (and I cannot use that word too loosely) the first couple of months' posts into Month 1 and Month 2. Look to your  left, two new sub-sections have just appeared as if by magic!
It's just what I happened to give Babybear, though, so you must absolutely do what you like if you want to give different foods (apart from things like peanuts, obviously). Good luck!

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