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Organix Moon Biscuits

Friday, August 25th, 2006

Och, I've just realised that I've thrown the box out. Anyway, they are nice, blah blah organic, blah sweetened with grape juice, no hydrogenated fats etc etc. And what's more, they are shaped like little moons which makes them super-easy to hold onto. Which has got me thinking, my baby led weaning chums, that what we need is a biscuit/rusk recipe that we can bake ourselves (therefore we won't be paying through the nose for them) and shape into crescents. I'm hitting the internet now, expect radio silence until I have come up with something sensational.

Oh, and I know that Organix makes lots of little vegetable puff crisps which are useful if you are trying to hang fire on gluten but here's the thing… if you don't need to eat them, I wouldn't. Because it strikes me that they look just like Wotsits, and I'm quite keen that Babybear does not pick up her father's former crisp habit (he was a ten bag-a-day man, or so he tells me) so I'd rather not teach her that some crisps are okay but some aren't.
That's it. Expect radio silence NOW.

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