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Why Not Try It?

Tuesday, July 25th, 2006

I think my main top tip is ‘Try It Out’ – you really don’t know if your baby will like a food unless you try them. Today, for example, baby Boomer loved some crayfish tails with pretty spicy sauce. Grandmaw was quite surprised especially as she drank quite a lot of water after her spicy crayfish salad.


Other surprising things Boomer has tried and liked are ;


Lovely juicy organic mint and lamb burger (eaten outdoors at a food fair)  – admittedly I held this while she sucked at a bit but she was peeved when I removed it.


Very, very, very mature cheese – this stuff was strong, the kind of stuff that even the smell makes you wince


Bit of Naan dipped in curry sauce – admittedly quite a creamy sauce , and before you shriek in horror it was only a tiny bit so she could join in with the social side of Mummy and Daddy’s Friday night take away binge.


Please don't judge me harshly , these represent only a small section of our diet, there is plenty of fruit and veg in a normal day – honest.

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Sometimes You Just Have To Grit Your Teeth And BELIEVE…

Wednesday, July 19th, 2006

Okay, this is really one for the people whose mums/health visitors/partners/husbands/grans/aunties/pals/work colleagues/fellow bus passengers and Karmelising friends keep telling them that their six-month-old should be on three square meals a day…

I think we just have to let it all wash over us and remember that babies get the vast majority of their calories from milk until they are 12 months old. Until then (according to what I've read) their food is just for fun, so it strikes me that about the worst thing you could do would be to get stressed about quantities. So ignore the baying crowds, ladies, and believe in the baby led weaning…

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