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Increased eating

Monday, November 27th, 2006

Boomer has recently had a bit of a snuffle and bizarrely this has seemed to see an increase in her appetite. This seems to be contrary to everyone else’s experiences when their LO is under the weather.


Now it may be that I don’t think she was ever really that unwell, or it may have just coincided with a natural increase in her self weaning process. I think that latter is probably more likely. So for all you out there concerned about when their appetite will really kick in , Boomer is now 10 ½ mths and it has only just happened.


Boomer is still breastfed so I have no real way of checking her milk intake, but she still has about 4-5 feeds a day. I have however left her a couple of days from morning to night with someone else and she has just had food and water, no milk.

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