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There is a reason this site looks so Web 1.0 – An Appeal for Photos

Wednesday, April 18th, 2012

seriously. this is what it was like.

It’s because I started it aeons, ago, fact fans. Back when there were about nine hits for the search term ‘baby led weaning’, I kid ye not.

Remember dial-up? Yuh-huh. That singy-songy, plinky-plonky fax noise before making contact with the outside world? Yup, that. (As an aside… remember faxes? *snort* Funny old tech.)

Anyway, the thing then was to allow pages to load nice and quick, no footery images pliz. We did have a photo gallery (indeed we still do) but you needed to enter it under your own advisement. The images were (still are) mostly low-quality, cropped down so they wouldn’t take up too much room on your interweb.

So, here’s the thing, I need to sprinkle the site with purty pictures, I think. It’s looking boring. Are there any photographers out there, or even parents who just got that one lucky shot (perhaps of a porridge pancake or some other recipe foodstuff), who wouldn’t mind helping me back fill my pages with glorious technicolour? (And vids, too. Oh yes I’ve just learned how to embed. Take that, old skool).

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