Canada, Edmonton

Some of us get together from time to time in order to talk about the latest issue of Heat magazine, global politics, important developments in lipstick manufacture and, er, Baby-Led Weaning.

Canada, Edmonton

Postby lilacho » 11 May 2014, 03:40

Hi my name is Robin.
I'm originally from The Netherlands, but this amazing Canadian teddy bear swept me of my feet, lured me back to Canada, and then i kinda fell in love with the place, so i'm here to stay :D
We just moved to Edmonton so we are new kids on the block :bsmile
I have a 7 month old daughter named Lila and she loves me because i give her cookies :wink:

I would love to meet up with people, grab a coffee, take a stroll , have a pick nick, talk about, you know ...things :)

if you're interested, let me know.

(be sure to bring cookies if you want Lila's approval!)
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Re: Canada, Edmonton

Postby eterna » 11 May 2014, 21:33

Hi! There is actually a facebook group for BLWers in Edmonton if you want to join that and ask around to meet up with others. I think I'm the only one on here from Edmonton and I'm starting back to work next week :(
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Re: Canada, Edmonton

Postby Tiffany01 » 10 Jun 2014, 16:44

I am letting you know. But I'm a bit far from there, Are you interested now?
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Re: Canada, Edmonton

Postby lizandimo » 11 Jun 2014, 02:08

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