What's your kids favourite meals?

Oh, we're done with all that vegetable-steaming and mess, our children are cutlery-wielding, spaghetti-chomping angels... at least some of the time.

What's your kids favourite meals?

Postby Kitcameron » 27 Jun 2016, 14:36

My kids are getting pickier and pickier, well SM is ok in general but CM seems to be terrible atm. We seem to have gotten to the point where we are eating separate meals to them and they are getting the same meals every week. We started trying to really vary what we ate so we wouldn't have the same meal more than twice a month say. This means that DH and I get quite a good variety but the kids do not, and their meals are getting worse too as DH often doesnt do veg for them, grrrr.

It used to be that we had at least two rice meals a week because they kids loved rice and would eat the rice and sauce even if not the meat, so we often did the slow cooker curry with spinach blended in, various risottos with fried and blended mushrooms (they're not big veg eaters, could you guess?). DH gets poorly if we have onions in things so we don't even get that. They love pasta carbonara and that's what they both ask for if you ask what they want for tea so they have that at least once a week with bacon and mushrooms in. dh has completely gone off carbonara and risotto as we've had them so often and now suggests we have something different when they have that. They often reject tomato based sauces that they used to eat so they're out the window too.

Having typed all this out I think I just need to be more organised when I'm planning the weekly menu and accept that DH and I maybe eat 2-3 meals after they go to bed and at least 4 with them, with maybe 2-3 of those meals being meals we know they like and the others food they may or may not and just encourage them to at least try it.

We're supposed to be having Thai green curry tonight so I think I'll not offer an option, I think CM will eat rice and sauce and SM will only eat plain rice it I guess that's better than always making something different isn't it? just hoping she'll come round to trying it and learning to like it? She used to eat curry and sauce but now she says she doesn't like curry so often has plain rice and nan bread, healthy. I think I'm torn between do I offer a healthy alternative that I know she'll eat, and if so what cos I'm stuck for ideas, or do I just offer the meal were having and she eats it or not as she chooses?

What are your kids favourite foods? I need a list to feed them and try and expand the list of meals they'll eat lol.
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Re: What's your kids favourite meals?

Postby lizandimo » 27 Jun 2016, 14:50

DD's is probably fairly unhelpful - her absolute favourite is sushi, but we only have that when we eat out because I can't be bothered to faff around making it. At home her favourite is spaghetti with bolognase sauce (or red sauce as she calls it), which is not very helpful if your girls don't like tomato based sauces! Recently if me and DH are being lazy and want something like nachos for dinner, I'll do DD a boiled egg with toast soldiers and some cut up tomato/peppers for the veg part - it's quite easy to do as a separate meal, would they go for something like that so you don't have to spend ages making something on the days you eat at different times? Do they like sweet potato, I always think sweet potato wedges count as an easy veg, or am I wrong that it's veg?!

I totally sympathise about being unorganised, I'm terrible at it. I did get it a bit under control using the meal planning thread, but I think it all went to pot after about 4 weeks for me!!
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Re: What's your kids favourite meals?

Postby Kanga » 27 Jun 2016, 15:47

My 3 are pretty good so hopefully you'll get some inspiration from their list! There are meals like curry/chilli that ds2 will only eat rice or bread & veg burgers/falafel he'll often end up with cheese in a bun/pitta!!

Absolute faves are:
Macaroni cheese
Meatballs/bolognaise with spaghetti
Pasta & pesto (to be honest aka or any pasta!)
Cheesy rice (fry bacon, add to cooked rice with grated cheese!)
Fish pie
Homemade pizza (veg could be hidden in the sauce)
Sausages almost any way!

They also like
Pan fried fish fillets
They've recently all really liked a chicken chausser casserole I did - total surprise but even the boys ate a whole chicken thigh each!
They like Chinese too, sweet & sour or lemon chicken especially.
Oh and they all love It is sweet & the meat is really tender.
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Re: What's your kids favourite meals?

Postby Ali70 » 27 Jun 2016, 17:28

Sproglet used to eat anything (except eggs in any form, she just refuses to go near them) but has got fussier lately. I'm really hoping its a phase.

Guaranteed hits are:
Beef steak/pork steak/lamb steak/gammon with boiled/jacket potato wedges, peas and corn on the cob (left on the cob, she likes to chew it off)
Tuna steak was a surprise hit last night. I marinated ours in soy sauce and balsamic but she wouldn't touch that and had hers plain.
Risotto with peas, mushrooms, spring onions
Pasta with pesto/tom sauce with mushrooms
Odd mix that started as a salad but has evolved into a selection of ham, chicken drumstick, cheese, cucumber, tomato, corn on the cob, garlic bread

Will sometimes eat, but not always. I assume it depends on the phase of the moon or something equally obscure:
Fish curry
Stir fry (she'll eat the meat, mushrooms and noodles but not the veg)
Beef stew
Chicken casserole
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Re: What's your kids favourite meals?

Postby Lily » 27 Jun 2016, 18:40

I have one who'll eat everything, and one who won't touch veg or much meat.

Faves here include pizza, which I usually do with frozen bases which come with passata on, so I just add cheese, olives, whatever; I like it because it's easy to vary everyone's portions without making separate meals.

Mine also both love soup, which is great for sneaking in veg. If I have leftover stew or similar, I often thin it down with stock, blend it and then shove in a handful of alphabet pasta and they both enjoy it.

Chilli is good as everyone can pick and choose the bits they like - guacamole, sour cream, salsa etc. I can only be bothered to make it all for special occasions though!
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Re: What's your kids favourite meals?

Postby lizandimo » 27 Jun 2016, 19:16

^ Yes to soup, I'd totally forgotten about that. If you can freeze kid sized portions it's also dead easy for the nights when they're eating separately (I have done this with DD), and then you don't end up cooking 2 full meals.
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Re: What's your kids favourite meals?

Postby yorkshirepudding » 27 Jun 2016, 19:29

Shepherds pie with carrot grated in to the base
Pesto pasta (E doesn't seem to like my home made pasta though!) with prawns, broccoli, green beans
Scrambled eggs and beans on toast
Spag Bol
Aubergine Parmesan - a veggie dish from an ancient cranks book, Moo has eaten it a few times and requested aubergines for tea in lidl today so I bought some with the plan of making it soon, my fil usually does it and Moo steals his! (It's a mix of aubergines and potatoes in a tomato sauce under a cheesy crumb, with garlic bread)
Roast squash, pepper and sausage pasta (tomato sauce again though!)
Mine seem to love pastry but I hardly ever make it, love homemade cheesy flans and pies.
Crispy salmon, pan fried for a bit then Parmesan and lemon zest breadcrumbs on top in grill, add lemon juice and butter for last minute or so
Mine both live prawns as a protein source, will eat them plain or in most sauces. I get economy supermarket ones which are small so good for kids

All of these can be refused randomly!
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Re: What's your kids favourite meals?

Postby Treeb » 27 Jun 2016, 21:40

L is supremely picky right now. He basically just wants everything sweet and is driving me nuts trying to find healthy breakfast food he will eat. :?

For veggies he will only eat carrots, sometimes canned green beans, and MAYBE a nibble or two of other raw veg.
Meats it's just bacon, pepperoni and salami that he'll always eat. Usually he'll eat beef or chicken in tacos, and if we're lucky he'll have a little hamburger, hotdog, or breakfast sausage.
He's even gone off fruit recently and mostly only wants berries. No apples, pears, peaches, etc. :scream

Standard meals:
Pizza. Homemade or take out. Has to be pepperoni for L, so we usually have two in order to have a more interesting one.
Pasta. Usually he just has butter and Parmesan on his but dh and I add other yummy options to ours.
Tacos/nachos/fajitas/etc. Great because it can be customized to each person's taste. L eats the meat (ground beef preferred), beans, cheese, sour cream, chopped bell pepper, and lettuce.
Salads. I chop a variety of veggies plus things like cheese, chicken, beans, nuts, hard boiled egg, etc. depending on what we have on hand and each person can customize their own.
Curry he usually won't touch (maybe a few bites of lentils or chickpeas) and just eats naan.
He won't eat soup or chili, so eats just the bread if we have some along side and maybe some fruit.
Stir-fry he won't eat, except maybe the noodles if we have some with it. He doesn't eat rice.

Quick easy meals if we want him to actually eat something: (usually these are reserved for lunches)
Boxed Mac & cheese.
Peanut butter sandwich.
Grilled cheese or quesadilla.
Yogurt (will only eat the flavored cups now.)
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Re: What's your kids favourite meals?

Postby mamapup » 27 Jun 2016, 21:47

I'm super strict and I serve one meal and one meal only. They can pick out the bits they like but there isn't anything else on offer and it seems to work (in that I don't have to cook more, doesn't make them any less fussy as far as I can tell).

We eat together six days out of seven so we can have a spicy take away once a week.

Tonight we had an awesome roast chicken with veg. Kids ate only the chicken although little croc tried a potato and the puppy ate a raw carrot instead of the cooked ones. Then they ran outside to eat mint from the mint plant. Weirdos.

Meals they love:

mac and cheese
shepherd's pie
any pasta with bolognaise/pesto / veg sauce / chilli
fish - mainly breaded but I refuse to only serve fish fingers, which they love so sometimes we have nice fish cakes other times good breaded fish and sometimes cheap fingers
Sushi is an absolute favourite here
Salmon and prawns any opportunity they get
Any kind of meat basically (esp if bbq)

For breakfast they have porridge/weetabix/peanut butter and banana sandwich unless I've been baking so at the moment they are also choosing to have my uber healthy flapjacks (weirdly they eat them despite all the seeds I ram in).

I think it's mainly about being strict and just saying, 'this is how it is, like it or leave it'. They'll leave it plenty of times but you know they'll never starve.
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Re: What's your kids favourite meals?

Postby Cofa's Tree » 28 Jun 2016, 06:00

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Re: What's your kids favourite meals?

Postby Kitcameron » 28 Jun 2016, 06:43

We're currently on Cheerios for brekkie as SM likes threading them onto a pipe cleaner first to make a breakfast bracelet. SM can't be bothered with the faff and usually rejects them initially then tries to steal SMs so ends up with her own bowl again,

Thanks for all the suggestions, definitely some there I can try. Having thought about it I think part of the problem is that DH is a bit of a food snob too so their likes don't match up lol.

The kids don't really eat meat apart from bacon/gammon/ham. DH eats too much meat.
They're all rubbish at veg, the kids eat raw carrot, SM eats sweetcorn under duress but loves corn cobs and she eats veg at preschool. DH will eat cooked carrot, sweetcorn and corn cobs.
The girls only eat potato as chips or crisps.

And then there's just the weird fussiness like SM says she likes lasagne but not Spag Bol.
CM will eat mince beef in lasagne but not shepherds pie.

When I say they don't like tomato based sauces I really mean they don't like tomato sauce. They sometimes eat lasagne, Spag Bol etc and usually eat tomato soup so I should remember pasta and soup can be a meal lol.
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Re: What's your kids favourite meals?

Postby pirate_han » 28 Jun 2016, 06:56

Mine would both happily eat jacket potato with cheese and beans every day. A's other favourites are tagliatelle with Alfredo sauce, bbq ribs, spaghetti and meatballs, pad Thai. B likes fish fingers, pizza, roast dinner.

I generally serve one meal but if it's something new or something B isn't keen on (A will eat anything) then I try and make sure she's had a lunch that she likes. We don't comment if she eats nothing and don't cajole her (I am better at this than DH). B isn't keen on red meat, if we are having steak then I would serve it with a jacket potato so she's had something (weirdo child, who doesn't like steak?).

If your DH doesn't remember to give them veg how about getting some of those Birds Eye frozen veg individual bags in that you just chuck in the microwave? Very minimal effort required!

B is, without fail, far more likely to try a new meal if she has helped me cook it. Although sometimes I really cba with this :D
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Re: What's your kids favourite meals?

Postby LucyLastic » 28 Jun 2016, 17:03

C is, by comparison with some of your tales above, clearly a pretty good eater. She doesn't have a 'veg' problem yet, other than based on flavour - she doesn't like parsnips, isn't over keen on squash and she really doesn't like cauliflower or peppers. Tomatoes are hit and miss, sometimes she'll swipe half a dozen cherry toms from the bowl, other times she won't touch them. Go figure. If I feel she's not eating enough of her veg, I'll remind her that her friend is tall because she eats lots of scrummy vegetables (akin to the Green Giant ads from the '80s, although her friend isn't quite that tall) and this usually does the trick to encourage her to try at least. She is a carb freak, though, and usually goes for the noodles or potatoes or whatever first.
She loves:
pasta, peas and pesto (well, she may not love the peas, but that's part of the deal!)
fish pie (I add spinach, peas and hard boiled eggs)
shepherds pie (carrots, peas and onions in the base)
more sausages
did I already mention sausages?

I usually have frozen leftovers in C-size portions in case we get home late or time runs away from me but other things I do in that case include:
soup and bread
'dippy' i.e. hoummous with cucumber, carrot, pitta strips or breadsticks
beans on toast
gnocchi with pesto/quick homemade garlic tomato sauce/pan fried mushrooms with crème fraîche
pizza with a tortilla base

Fruit and/or yoghurt for pudding. Ice pops (literally just frozen water!) in the summer as a snack (I am so mean!) But I don't rigorously deny her sweets or biscuits or whatever (although she is limited to one sweet thing a day) so I'm trying to cut out sugar in other areas, like ice lollies, no squash or fizz, just water or diluted fruit juice, plain yoghurt with fruit, no sugary cereal, rice cakes, bananas and apples are the go-to snacks.

Shame I can't exercise the same control over my own intake!
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Re: What's your kids favourite meals?

Postby Rys » 30 Sep 2016, 05:29

anything chicken and fish.
boiled potatoes.
boiled eggs.

fruit favorites: banana, watermelon, grapes, and lemon. tomato
veg fav: bitter gourd, broccoli, squash, string beans.
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