BF a toddler

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Re: BF a toddler

Postby ChristmasGift » 15 Jul 2015, 21:03

Only jut seen this but my very nearly 3 yo is still going strong. I night weaned at about 2.5 and for us it had a dramatic impact on night waking. We went very quickly from 2/3 night wakes to none. Night weaning was also really easy despite me thinking it was going to be awful. We discussed it before hand and if I remember rightly she had a very brief cry (which was easily soothed with a cuddle) the first wake up and that was it. Until that point I had fed her every single time she woke up at night.
I am still struggling to work out how one parents without it! We generally only have a morning and bedtime feed now but once in a while she'll be out of sorts/tired or whiney and a little feed always sets her straight again!
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Re: BF a toddler

Postby bigcatmaniac » 16 Jul 2015, 05:50

Hiya - I didn't feed for anywhere as long as the others (am still feeding dd2) but I just wanted to say my periods didn't come back even when I was dropping feeds with dd1. I was reducing feeds with the intention of trying for another when my periods came back but I got pregnant anyway. I was still feeding morning, teatime, bedtime and during the night at that point - probably 4 or 5 feeds a day. Lots of people told me 'you can't get pregnant while breastfeeding' and I never thought I would with no periods - but I did.

I'm ready to stop again as dd2 is the wriggliest baby in the world, and I'm not enjoying feeding that much right now, although I totally agree that magic boobie is the best thing ever for lots of reasons. I've started night weaning for now, and plan to reduce feeds over the next 2-4 months.

Don't worry about what others think - if they are weirded out by it, it's their problem not yours.

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Re: BF a toddler

Postby Monochrome » 29 Jul 2015, 09:31

Hello all. An update - my period has returned! No need to reduce breastfeeding any more now. Yay! Now we just need to work out whether we feel ready to try for another :-/

Reading the conversation above, I wish breastfeeding did reduce illness here. Or at least, if it does, goodness knows how often he'd get ill without it! But it is wonderful when he's ill because even if he loses his appetite he just has lots of mummy milk and it seems to make him feel better.
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Re: BF a toddler

Postby EnigmaFish » 29 Jul 2015, 19:48

I never thought I'd be happy to hear of someone getting their period. :wink:
Isn't it great though that that gives you the space to make a decision about having another baby.
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Re: BF a toddler

Postby Dulcie » 04 Aug 2015, 16:53

Hey :-)

Just to say I agree with what they said :D

I'm still feeding my 18mo and have no plans to stop yet despite pressure to do so from family. (Why would they do that? It still baffles me!) I'm lucky in that our little girl has started sleeping through most nights of her own accord although still wakes for the odd night feed here and there. I still feed her morning and bedtime, plus at nap time if we're home. I realise this is rare. She has had bad reflux so I think it's important for her digestive system to have the bmilk.

Our little boy on the other hand... Woke all night every night for milk until 14 months when I was utterly broken and wanted to get pregnant again but couldn't bear the idea of preggers sickness and exhaustion. I did some baby whisperer style sleep training with him and weaned him at night, which worked a treat and he suddenly started enjoying being in his own cot :D after that I fed him morning and bedtime Until he lost interest and eventually weaned himself. I was a bit sad but it's Different for each child I guess.

so anyway, what I'm trying to say is I don't believe you have to resign yourself to years of no sleep just because you choose to bf. In my experience you can stop night feeds but keep the daytime ones and there are some sleep training methods that don't involve crying it out alone etc. if you get really desperate for some zzzz's :D

Also, ignore anyone who tries to discourage you. Only you and your child can know when the time is right to stop feeding and it doesn't matter how long that time is in coming. Xxx
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