10 month baby has no interest in most foods

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10 month baby has no interest in most foods

Postby laurianne24 » 29 Oct 2017, 11:41

My 10 months old baby has basically no iterest in eating anything healthy. Every day I cook a range of healthy vegetables that he just ignores or throws off his high chair. He won't even eat sweet potato and banana!!! Iv tried slightly less healyth options like fish fingers or tinned spaghetti shapes on a jacket potato and he still doesn't want it. He also refused the spoon fed option unless it's yoghurt or fruit pouches. He will eat pretty much anything if it's pureed and spread onto a cracker bread. And he has Wheatos for breakfast and I try to get him to have some fruit with them. I'm really worried I'm not getting enough goodness into him, allthough he is still brestfed. Should I just keep give him purees and cracker bread or does anyone have any other ideas??? Tia
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Re: 10 month baby has no interest in most foods

Postby Babybabe » 06 Dec 2017, 08:11

Have you tried peaches or papayas? Great for babies too! :)
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