What's wrong with mushed food or helping babies to grasp?

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What's wrong with mushed food or helping babies to grasp?

Postby rpat16 » 04 Jul 2017, 08:34

Hi, I'm a first time mum of twin boys and I'm really hoping to do BLW. I do have a few questions though and hope that someone may be able to help!

1. Why is it not advised to mush up any food before hand (not spoon feeding them)? If we did this just for the first few attempts, what would be the negative knock on effect when we introduced solids? My husband thinks it would help them get more into their mouths to develop tastes initially then as they get the hang of it we can give them bigger bits.

2.Why is it recommended that you should wait a certain amount of time after giving purees to start BLW? (We havent given purees, I'm just not sure why you'd need to wait if we did).

3. My boys aren't too great at grabbing slippy foods like banana, what is the downside to helping them out in the early days of weaning? (i.e. putting it into their hand for them when they're clearly trying to grab it, OR helping them direct it to their mouths when they keep dropping it before it gets there?

Thanks in advance!!

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