10 month old won't eat - Help!

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10 month old won't eat - Help!

Postby LKennedyEnglish » 24 Jun 2017, 15:53

I have been trying BLW since my baby was 5.5 months. She's now 10 months and just has no interest in food. She is almost exclusively breast feeding and refuses a bottle. I need to go back to work in a couple of months and am getting increasingly stressed. Since turning 9 months she is also up feeding from me 3-6 times a night. She seems genuinely hungry at night. I have also resorted to trying spoon feeding but no success there either. I don't have any friends in this situation and would be grateful for any shared experience or advice.
Thank you! X
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Re: 10 month old won't eat - Help!

Postby laurianne24 » 29 Oct 2017, 11:51

Sorry no advice but im in exactly the same situation would love to hear if anyone has any tips. My boy likes ryvita crisp breads so will eat some mashed food or cream cheese from them.
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