A Breastfeeding support thread

Second babies? Forgotten everything about breast and formula, napping and wrapping and you are are going a bit MAD because you haven't slept in three days? Or it's your first baby and you are here researching the joys of weaning?

A Breastfeeding support thread

Postby blossom » 17 May 2011, 09:12

I don't know if there is already one of these but thought I'd create one just so people like me can come on and ask questions and use it as a general reference point.
My question today is am i doing the right things? I had a c-section on friday so i guess my milk is still in the process of coming in. I saw my mw yesterday and told her that m had been feeding for almost 2 hours. She said to just let him and that he was probably just getting my body ready for the milk. So I carried on letting him feed and he was on me fairly solidly for the next 10 hours as he seemed to be feeding whilst sleeping. I definitely have milk; it's not spurting out but we can hand express a syringe and did this at 3am to try to get him to calm down as he was too wound up to latch on properly.
My friend tells me to just let him feed as often as he wants (and she sends regular texts saying things like hang in there!!! :) ) as he's calling in the milk.
I'm drinking fennel tea, eating well and drinking loads and loads of water. We're also doing lots of skin to skin and he's being held by me or sleeping on / with me 95% of the time.
I'm fine at the moment but I am slightly worried that my nipples are going to suffer and that will put me off BFing if I let this continue, but then i know if i don't let it continue then we won't get the milk he needs. I put lanisoh on late last night and after that he wouldn't latch hence the syringe.
Bit rambly sorry, just wanted to check I'm doing the right things.
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Re: A Breastfeeding support thread

Postby Nix » 17 May 2011, 09:19

Blossom it sounds like you are doing a fantastic job!

On day 2 Harvey fed for 10 hours straight from 8pm-6am and I was very very tired, upset and sore. Lansinoh really helped and so did my partners support. The mws said the same thing to me, it was the baby establishing a milk supply and it was never that bad again. He did feed every 2 hours around the clock for months after that though- cosleeping helped me to get more sleep. I had a very hungry baby and I felt that it was hard at the time but looking back, in the grand scheme of his life it was over far too quickly.

Jasper was the other extreme and wouldn't breastfeed on day 1/2 due to excessive mucus and tbh that worried me more! He was alright once he coughed up the mucus though.

Feed on demand, use lansinoh and seek advice if it gets sore or if you're worried. It sounds like you're on the right track!
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Re: A Breastfeeding support thread

Postby salj1980 » 17 May 2011, 09:53

Congratulations Blossom! It sounds like you are both doing wonderfully. Little Man was permanently attached to me (or so it seemed!) for the first few days too. I personally didn't get on with lansinoh - it stuck my skin to my bra and breastpads and was agony to unstick already sore nipples! I used kamillosan instead which I found very good. As your friend says, hang in there! Xxx
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Re: A Breastfeeding support thread

Postby skip » 17 May 2011, 09:56

Keep going, you're doing amazingly!! Feed on demand, stay all snuggled up and let your nipples get some air. Lansinoh is great stuff - but no amount in the world will stop you getting sore if you're destined to get sore. Unfortunately you just have to push through it - that's the single most useful advice I have. If my sister hadn't told me the same thing, I might not have carried on. For some women it only lasts a few days, some more than a few weeks. Usually it's only painful when they initially latch on and then eases off as they feed, so you have a few seconds of gritting your teeth and curling your toes and it's over. ;) M was not quite as big as Max but big enough to feed lots and lots in those early days - but a big baby is also great because they tend to get the hang of feeding pretty quick and can deal with full tummies and wind a bit better too.

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Re: A Breastfeeding support thread

Postby Morlyte » 17 May 2011, 10:21

Keep going my dear! Noah was attached to me constantly for the first week. I remember posting that I was up every hour with him feeding day and night, it was hellish but well worth it! I think for the following 2 or 3 weeks he was more or less attached to me constantly. Thank goodness for slings!
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Re: A Breastfeeding support thread

Postby MumtoMonsters » 17 May 2011, 10:35

He's just doing what babies do. I'd be surprised if he's actually feeding properly the whole time, and would suspect that he's actually using you for comfort for a considerable part of those 10hrs. However, that's what he's supposed to do, and you're doing what you're supposed to do by letting him as it will definitely help with your supply.

I suspect he got crotchety with you because he was tired and wanted to know where that comforting nipple had disappeared off to, but was too tired/annoyed to relatch properly when it reappeared.

Keep going with the lansinoh, apply it after every feed and after every bath/shower/wash/change of clothes, etc. Also worth getting some breastpads if you haven't already. I'm not a fan of Johnsons as a brand but their contoured breastpads were perfect for protecting my sore boobs from rubbing up against bras, as well as keeping the lansinoh off my clothes.

My SIL gave up BF at this point after her ECS because she felt there was no way baby could possibly be feeding ok if he was attached to her for two hours but still came up hungry. Unfortunately the right support was not available for her, they just kept telling her she had to get on with it as Breast is Best and all that crap instead of actually listening to what she was saying and offering the reassurance and advice that would have helped her continue.

It's normal to be where you are now. It'll be ok. Just don't stress it.
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Re: A Breastfeeding support thread

Postby blossom » 17 May 2011, 10:59

Brilliant, thanks for the reassurance. He's got a good latch so I'm not sore yet and maybe I won't ever be :?
DH has been fantastic but seriously I think it's no wonder people give up when you feel like your baby's hungry and you're not helping him. This is a team effort and plenty of people have no support or knowledge.
Will keep on doing what I'm doing then. We've kept the visitors at bay so we can get the best start possible on this.
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Re: A Breastfeeding support thread

Postby Mummyto1 » 17 May 2011, 11:37

I just wanted to say how much admiration I have for you Blossom, for putting so much into making it work this time. I think it is especially great that you are doing things such as keeping visitors at bay. It is so hard to do this, but I think it makes a real difference. I didn't consciously keep people away this time, but I just didn't feel like I wanted anyone to get in the way of us being our new little family of four, and I think it did help me to have M latched on for so much of the first few days, which just wouldn't have happened if there had been people coming and going.

I also just wanted to add that I wasn't sore at all for the first few days, but then it did get pretty painful. I was quite surprised how sore given I had fed L for over 18 months previously. It lasted about 10 days or so, and just when I was really thinking it had been going on forever, it suddenly felt better. And it hasn't hurt since. So if you do get some pain, try and hold onto the fact that it really won't stay that way forever, even if it feels that way! Hope it continues to go well for you and your little M x
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Re: A Breastfeeding support thread

Postby ches » 17 May 2011, 11:46

Absolutely fantastic that he has a good latch and you're not sore. You're doing it all right. A newborn's stomach is the size of a teaspoon :o so maybe his is the size of a tablespoon now? Before my milk came in I had to top J up with formula and it never took more than an ounce. My milk didn't come in until the 4th day, so your boobs will probably get to be the size of boulders sometime today. xox
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Re: A Breastfeeding support thread

Postby A_W » 17 May 2011, 12:09

Well done you. Sounds fine to me. I got sore on day 3 and 4 so hope you don't. And for when your milk comes in remember don't panic and keep feeding. Boobs like concrete footballs aren't fun but it does ease each day and gets more bearable. I couldn't bear anything on mine so was topless for several hours each day - hence curtains drawn in the daytime. And savoy cabbage slashed with a knife on the veins straight out of the fridge inside your bra works wonders! That and hot flannels or a shower if you're luckier than me and have one.....

So keep us informed of how you are doing and what stage you are at - we're all here to help you.

My best piece of advice was from my sisters that warned me it takes 6 weeks to establish bf and in a way they were right. I got loads better after about 10 days and then the next few weeks to work out when to feed and if they'd had enough etc. etc. ...

Take care and am glad you can still get on the forum with a tiny lo! Impressed :bsmile
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Re: A Breastfeeding support thread

Postby Tintin » 17 May 2011, 12:16

Again, Blossom, just wanted to say YOU'RE DOING A FAB JOB! :D

Shye is right - for all that people say, if it hurts there's a problem eg latch, there is a certain element of needing to just put up with it and persevere at the beginning. I was in agony early on with Squeak, and now at 9 weeks, it's not bad every feed, but does still hurt sometimes if the latch isn't perfect (which it often isn't - she's very lazy at opening her mouth and it can be almost impossible to get her to do that 'big yawn' to take in the full nipple).
I posted on here that lansinoh wasn't helping me because my nipples weren't actually cracked, and someone suggested gel breastpads, which I got easily in Sainsbury's. They can be put in the fridge or heated in the microwave depending on what sort of relief you need.

It's great that Max is latching well, and I"ll keep everything crossed for you that it continues. I think you just need to keep doing what you're doing. Sounds like you're both taking to it really well! :D
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Re: A Breastfeeding support thread

Postby Morlyte » 17 May 2011, 12:17

Ice packs in your bra when your milk does come in, it will help with the engorgement. I walked around for days with mini picnic packs tucked inside lol!
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Re: A Breastfeeding support thread

Postby ToothFairy » 17 May 2011, 12:50

Blossom, you are doing a fantastic job :D Others have already given all the advice I would have done, but just want to offer you more support x
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Re: A Breastfeeding support thread

Postby frecklemama » 17 May 2011, 13:25

Sounds like you're doing great, Blossom. DS is 5 months and there are still times I feel like I'm not giving him enough, but it's just that he's making lots of noise and letting my body know to produce a bit more milk. Does feel a bit horrible when he's hungry and it's not there yet, but it always works out. Hope it continues to go well for you!
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Re: A Breastfeeding support thread

Postby Disco » 17 May 2011, 14:17

you're doing a grand job Blossom well done.

Sounds like its all going well. I just wanted to add if it DOES start to get sore please please get an infant feeding specialist/lactation consultant (ask MW or HV) to come out and see you just to double check your positioning and attachment because there might be just a tiny movement/adjustment that could stop the pain rather than you having to endure it and 'wait for it to get better.' - That Said some folk (me included) do just get initial pain in the early weeks for no apparent reason....

Sorry rambling now. Basically - IF you do feel pain, ask for help rather than accepting it as inevitable straight away.

Well done xxxx
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