Hemp oil for 7 mo baby ?

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Hemp oil for 7 mo baby ?

Postby nlc » 13 Dec 2017, 20:07


I come here to get some expertise as I fight to find some answer elsewhere on the internet.
My baby, soon 8 month old, has started eating solids from her 6th month, and enjoys it well so far. I use to add oil when I prepare something mashed. So far, I added hemp oil or olive oil without worrying as we use to eat it regularly and for me it was "super healthy". However tonight I just noticed that the bottle of hemp oil (organic and cold extraction) stated "not suitable for babies under 12 months". So.... now I worry a lot. What do you think about it?
I read that many mothers gave hemp seeds to their babies. Could hemp oil be harmful?
Many thanks for your help :-)
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