What are your top tips?

So, what are our best top tips? I mean, we’ve got the ones about the splash mats, the cheapo highchairs and ignoring our mothers-in-law, and I’ve heard tell that a crinkle-cutter can be useful when starting off (especially if you happen to be living in 1978) – but what else?

3 Responses to “What are your top tips?”

  1. Mojo says:

    My top tip is having a dog who will sit patiently by the high chair and ‘clean up’ anything that the baby drops!

    • Charlotte's Mummy says:

      Yes I second that with the dog. We make our dog wait until the meal is over then she comes in afterwards and hovers up – fantastic! :)

  2. Charlotte's Mummy says:

    My top tip is to buy the frozen packs of fruit, you can get sliced or whole fruit, mostly berries that tend to go off quick. They defrost in a matter of minutes and are very cost effective not only due to the price but because there is no need to worry about fruit going off :)

    I have also used ‘natures finest’ screw top containers of fruit, eg peaches. They sit in nothing but juice yet will last in the cupboard for weeks, once opened you should consume within four days but they do last a lot longer than that actually

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