Steam-fresh Bag things

I’m sure you all know about these things, but just in case you don’t…

Basically they are little bags of veggies, things like baby carrots, asparagus and green beans and you put the whole bag into the microwave (should you be fortunate enough to own one) and 2 minutes later they are done. They are a modern miracle, frankly.

Birds Eye do them and I reckon that most of the supermarkets have their own ranges now. For some reason, though, the Birds Eye ones are always on Buy One Get One Free offers so I tend to stock up then.

Anyway you actually get a fair amount in the packs, definitely enough for one adult and once baby, and on those days when you just can’t be bothered to steam another bit of broccoli I think these stupid baggies (as we call them round our way) are just the dab.

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  1. Psychomummy says:

    I just laughed out loud at “stupid baggies”….. Might give them a go, sounds like my kinda thing (i.e. lazy..)

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