BLW Fast Foods

What are your fastest meals, ladies? I’ve been thinking about this, particularly with regard to lunchtimes, as we don’t tend to cook much during the day.
Also, Babybear loves tuna mayonnaise in pitta breads, and her love affair with the carrot/cumin/cheese mixture stuffed into half pittas and toasted remains undimmed. I do wish she liked hummous a bit, though, as I think it might be Very Helpful Indeed.Her father and I are trying to go a wee bit lower on the GI so we are very virtuous and have these toppings in leaves of Little Gem lettuce or down the spine of a celery stick. It’s actually nice, I promise.

What else? Salad we’re still not so good with, much as she always tries to eat lettuce I think that the ruminant ability to grind down leafy plant material is still absent, along with her molars, at 20 months old.

Oh, those magical little Steam Fresh bags from Birds Eye are great for a quick burst of veggies and with some cheese and pesto and maybe even a handful of leftover pasta constitute a meal in my book.

And frozen peas, god knows what I’d do without frozen peas. Last night she was having some difficulty with an (admittedly rather stringy) bit of mangetout but a wee bowl of peas straight from the freezer were greeted with delight.

I know I said it’s not about the cooking at lunchtime but I’m still counting omelette and french toast as a fast food as well if that’s okay? I mean it’s just three minutes in the frying pan, isn’t it? Anything else?

PS. Sweetcorn… I can’t believe I forgot sweetcorn… we’ve eaten nothing else for the past fortnight. Chop the cob up into four pieces, put a spash of water into a pyrex dish, lid on and microwave for about three to four mins. Rinse and leave to cool for about five mins (the centre stays preternaturally hot) and hand over to small child. Or chop off the corns if they can’t wait for it to cool and are keen to exercise their pincer grip.

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  1. Caitlyn says:

    Canned beans! I open a can of kidney beans or black beans or chickpeas or whatever I have on hand, rinse them off, and store them in a tub in the fridge. They’re probably a bit high in salt but for all that protein and fiber and B vitamins and iron I’m inclined to think it a fair trade-off. (One of these days I will be organized enough to buy dry beans and cook them myself without salt, but they don’t taste very good that way and I hate cooking beans. It takes forever.)

    Now that she can stand, I’ll put a few beans on the open dishwasher door so Beauty can stand there and snack while I wash dishes or prep dinner. It’s the perfect height, and I figure it gets washed quite often.

    We also buy freeze-dried peas and corn for Hero and I to snack on, and Beauty gobbles down the peas hand over fist if we let her. They might be tricky for younger babies to chew, though. (I thought she’d need molars, but she manages with only two teeth. Go figure.)

  2. Mary says:

    I second the beans. I buy the No Salt Added cans. Drain, rinse, pat dry, and freeze flat in a zip-loc plastic bag (I store them in the freezer just to be safe).

    They’ve lasted forever!

  3. Michele says:

    how about good old fashion avocado & banana sticks ready to go as is……our real fast food even when out & about & you have forgotten to bring something for brand new blw-ners 6 months!
    and a boiled egg although not as fast as i need saucepan, boiling water, yada yada yada….you know the rest :)

  4. Susan says:

    Pears are big in my house as snacks and my little man believes fruit is always a mandatory part of any meal:)
    If I get caught out at the supermarket and he is hungry, they have a great range of seeded breadrolls which he will happily munch on.
    I haven’t tried the beans, but will do so this week. other than that toast and hummus, pita bread with pesto and cheese or boiled eggs.

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