Sometimes they really eat nothing. Nothing.

S’true. Or at least it is for Babybear. She might wake up in the morning and turn her nose up at her bottle, drinking a scant ounce or so and then hardly have any breakfast either. It’s quite freaky when it happens. But from what I’ve seen she never goes a full day without eating and drinking well, so I’m not worried about it. So does this happen to everyone, then?

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  1. fairieglitter says:

    Ooooh yes…….in fact, Moo seems to be living on fresh air recently. He has picked up on the current theme in the media and has taken to rioting….with food! This throwing stage has gone on for about a month now, although he has developed a rather accurate shot at anyone in his sight-line. Funny how it never happens with berries and cherries!!!!

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