Do you think we’re just getting the messy bit over quickly?

Because I do. I know that BLW is a mucky process when we start off, all the splash mats and porridge oats everywhere and all that stuff but over the last few months I’ve become increasingly convinced that Babybear is quite the neatest child in any cafe or restaurant that we find ourselves in.

We were out the other day and at the table next to us was a girl of the same age, and she created absolute havoc, flinging food in all directions. It wasn’t just the lobbing, though, she also seemed so much less accurate with placing food in her mouth. But then, according to her father who apologised as he came to pick pizza cheese off our table, ‘she’s only been on finger food for a wee while’. I nodded and said, oh it’s fine etc but Babybear’s dad, whose parental politeness antennae are less finely-tuned than my own blurted ‘Really? why?’

No reason, as it turned out, and truth be told it wasn’t that bad, but it was interesting to watch her wreak the sort of havoc that Babybear used to when she was small. It was also interesting to note that the staff were less indulgent of an older child making a mess than they were of Babybear.

Anyway, without boasting (and yes I do realise that this blog isn’t much more than an extended boast) I want to tell you that by about 15 months Babybear was very neat indeed with her food. Now, anything with tomato sauce still gets liberally smeared across her face but the point is that it no longer hits her clothes like an orange bomb. Spooning she’s not bad at but a bit drippy with yoghurt and she enjoys stabbing pasta etc with her fork. We had to ditch plastic cutlery a long time ago as it’s just not sharp enough.

Anyway, I’m interested to know what you think. Presumably everyone goes through a really mucky, yucky stage but are we fortunate in that we get it over with before their throwing arm gets really strong?

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  1. Gill says:

    Just a quick comment/question: are you planning on copying across the old comments from the blog? Seems a pity to loose all of that history…..

    • Aitch says:

      oh definitely, yes. in fact the more i look at this, the more i realise how much is missing, rather gallingly. we used a wordscraper, but unless we can find a more efficient one i reckon i’ve a solid week of copying and pasting in front of me…

  2. Rachel says:

    Maybe you could copy all the comments at the end of post at the same time then past them right below your new post here. Then it would be super quick to transfer everything over.

    • Aitch says:

      yes, i think that will be the quickest C&P… but there are 600 posts on the other site and thouuuuuuusands of comments so i’m going to investigate automated methods first, otherwise this will become my job. ;-D

  3. Caitlyn says:

    to respond to the actual post, you may very well be right…though of course at the restaurant this morning Beauty decided mid-meal to carefully and methodically collect all the bits of food in front of her in her lap – maybe she felt her plate was too cluttered? She happily resumed eating once she was done, and most of the food ended up in the pocket of her bib, but of course it got dislodged in the process of wiping her up. But most of her eating has been more or less tidy, and she’s usually too interested in eating her food to throw it much.

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