ACTUAL RESEARCH into something a bit like BLW – Clara M. Davis. Paediatrician, Canadian, Ethicist

…only one of those things isn’t true.Anyway, loads of super-interesting things here. Clara was a Canadian paediatrician who procured (and I think procured was the word) 15 infants of weaning age in the 1930s and experimented by letting them feed themselves from a range of foods to see if they would end up healthy or not.

Oooooh, there’s so much here to gladden the heart of a BLWer. Not to mention the definition of weaning age as ‘between 6-11 months’, which rather puts the ‘these guidelines change every week’ mob’s gas in a peep. As we say in Bonnie Scotland.

Of course, it’s a little on the woolly side because there’s no actual data, but it’s fascinating stuff. And the ethics of it, my god, it would never be allowed today or at least I bloomin’ well hope so.

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