Wagamama’s Chicken Ramen and Edamame… oh yes…

Now come on, this is impressive…

Went to Wagamama, where they have dinky little highchairs pre-attached to the tables in the children’s section and ordered some Chilli Chicken Ramen (chilli, salty soup, chicken and noodles – didn’t 100% think that through, if I’m honest) while my dining companions ordered some Chicken Itame (a noodley coconut-y soup) and some of that mad breaded Chicken Katsuo curry with rice.

To keep us from falling off our perches with city centre-induced exhaustion, we also ordered some edamame (soy beans) and asked for the salt on the side. Well, I can’t tell you how much Babybear enjoyed those little beans, but if I explain that she was operating a two-handed approach whereby she was picking up her next bean before the first one was fully chewed then you begin to get the idea.

The edamame comes in a little bowl and looks for all the world like mangetout in which the peas have been allowed to grow fat. You don’t eat the pods, you just pop the beans out into your mouth and chew them. Delicious, but dangerous for a baby so it was up to me to pop them into my mouth and burst them with my teeth so that they would fall apart more easily. She really loved them, so I’m now desperate to see if I can get some to keep in the freezer as that is one healthy snack, my friends. (I hardly need add that they made it through her entire digestive system with barely a dent.)

When the main courses arrived, Babybear was happy to eat slices of chicken from my meal (I had sooked the soup off first but it still had some kick), some beansprouts, bok choi, fistfuls of rice and she had great fun eating the flat rice noodles from the coconut soup.

And what joy for us, we got to eat our meals while they were still hot, hot, hot, with minimal interruption from a baby who was tickled pink to be playing with new tastes and textures. (Well, until her two new top teeth started hurting again and we made a hasty exit – but we got a good hour in there, which can’t be bad.)

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  1. HANNAH YOUNG says:

    That sounds like so much fun i can feel a meal out coming on. food isn’t for eating at all it is for horsing around. You’d never be able to do that at a grown up but might just about get away with it with a baby. anyway it is all in a good educational cause.

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