As it happens, we favour rib-eye steak in this household for its extra juiciness and considerable chearperness than yer sirloin or popeseye (please don’t laugh at the Scottish names for cuts of meat – I’ve no idea what you foreigners call them). As I’ve mentioned before, nothing competes with Babybear’s avowed passion for roast chicken but she does much enjoy a good hunk of beef.

We tend to cook ours to a medium (heat up the pan first, as I’m sure you know, while you dry the meat with kitchen towel and rub oil into the flesh, yum-yum) and then give Babybear some of the more cooked pieces from the outside. She gets it pink, though, and it hasn’t killed her yet. But go on, line up to tell me how I’m endangering her life…

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  1. Christina says:

    HA! I imagine this was put up some time ago, but I just discovered your site as I am BLW-ing my now 7 month old, E. He’s a tremendous gagger, so we’re having a tough go of it, but by far his favorite food is steak! He just sucks all the juices out and looks pleased as punch. =) and I figure he gets some good iron from those juices to boot!

  2. Nadine says:

    My 8.5 month old also LOVES meat. The other night we gave him a bit of lamb chop and he had it in his mouth for over an hour just chewing and working it. After extracting all the juice and flavour from it he casually spat it out and it was promptly ‘recycled’ by our patiently waiting dog.

    • Heidi says:

      How big do you cut your meat for them? I’m scared but want to try! I have 8 month old twins.

      • Aitch says:

        So… i used to cut it into strips probably a centimetre in thickness, and the baby would then chew it and worry at it. however, by 8 months, the babies are probably significantly more advanced so i’d think about giving them more of a good chunk, so that they aren’t able to eat very much of it to begin with and you can see how you feel.

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