Well, petis pois actually, because that’s what we happened to have in the freezer, but we might buy ordinary-sized peas the next time. Not sure, though. One of my friends (actually the mother of the rather spendid Bubby) pointed out that peas might represent more of a choking hazard. I’ll have a think about it, but she is a Canadian and they are born worriers, that lot. If I do buy the normal-sized peas, I was planning to squash them a bit in advance. Your opinions and comments will, of course, be taken into consideration as well.

Oh anyway, she was a hoot with them, though… really the cutest thing. We had microwaved the peas, covered in a bowl with just a splash of water to retain as many vitamins as possible and we served them in the gravy of the rather marvellous beef stew that I’ve been banging on about. By ‘served’, I naturally mean ‘spooned elegantly onto the highchair tray’.

She grabbed for them then clasped them in her wee fist, flicking them into her mouth like a Pez dispenser. For some reason, prior to picking them up she likes to point at them, move them slowly around the table with her index finger and then make a sudden but deadly lunge at the pile.

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  1. Alyssa says:

    Right now that is about all my 8 month old daughter will touch. She pops them into her mouth, generally after she mushes them.
    However, my Mother-in-Law is flipping out on me that they are a choking hazard of course she also does not agree with the BLW. I have explained to her that is what my mom did, the kids that I was nanny for ate that way and I honestly only know one or two people who do Purees so I am sticking with BLW.
    So I say as long as I am right there with her, she is going to get peas.

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