Organic Mini Shreddies

Or something like that. I could go and look at the pack but it’s too far away…
Basically they are smaller than normal Shredded Wheat, so they’re easy for the babies to hold onto. Obviously they’re wheat, but salt-wise there’s just a trace measurement so that’s fine.

I just microwave them for five seconds in a splash of cows’ milk (because We Are One, y’know), so¬† they absorb the milk and soften a little. Babybear eats about fifteen of these in a sitting, she loves them with a banana. Good news, as Babybear was becoming – dare I say it? – a little bored with porridge pancakes. More to the point, they are pretty clean breakfast so essential for those morning when a quick getaway is required.

Post Script

Littleducks from Mumsnet has pointed out that it was she who told me about Mini Shreddies, and has therefore demanded due credit. (Diva.)

3 Responses to “Organic Mini Shreddies”

  1. Caitlyn says:

    for other moms in the States, Trader Joes Shredded Wheats are very nice and have no salt at all – I dunk them in milk and give them to Beauty, or just hand her the bowl, now that she insists on Eating Like Mommy Does.

  2. Psychomummy says:

    I have just served these, unzapped to Quiglet along with some raspberries – that seems to work well, as the rasps are a bit too squishy and the Wheats are a bit hard on their own. Bit messy though – Quiglet looks like an extra from Bad Taste (budget brain-eating zombie movie).

  3. joszefja says:

    Badger eats these dry like candy (US version, Post Bite-Size Shredded Wheat). We call them “crackers” — she doesn’t know the difference. ;)

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