How do we cook our meat? (Veggies look away now)

As I recall, the first big hunk of meat that Babybear had was a piece of pork fillet done on her grandmother’s George Foreman Grill and boy oh boy she loved it. We then moved on to roast chicken, but not the breast meat as it had a tendency to break up and make her cough. And not minced meat either for the same reason. Casseroles, on the other hand, were a source of great delight.

A month or so later, however, and there was no stopping her. With the advent of the pincer grip, however, she had decided that big fist-sized pieces were for kids and wanted her meat cut up into bite-sized pieces.

As to how we actually cook it, well, there’s not much grilling of meat goes on in this house, with the exception of bacon. I never really think meat responds that well to a domestic grill to be honest. So it’s frying, braising, casseroling all the way here until someone buys me a Georgie Foreman.

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