Yes, egg. Very bold of me, don’t you think? I had been thinking of waiting until Babybear got to a year old, and had been even further convinced by the news that a friend had rushed her 7-month-old to hospital after he has suffered an allergic reaction.

However, (and here’s where I have to remind you that nothing I say on this site should ever, ever be interpreted as medical advice), I was then told by someone else that if your baby isn’t particularly at risk of allergies that you should introduce them to at least the egg yolk so that they don’t get sensitised or something..? Oh balls I can’t quite remember. Perhaps the person will come along and clarify for us? Hopefully she’ll remember who she is…

So that (in combination with a relatively empty fridge) decided me a couple of days ago, and I hard-boiled a couple of free-range organics for Babybear. I obeyed La Belle Delia for once, and her method (place eggs in cold water, bring to a boil, turn down to simmer and cook for 7 minutes) did not fail us.

Cracked the yolks out of the albumen, because apparently the white is more allergenic, mixed it with butter and spread it on toast. Babybear enjoyed hers enormously, but I was a little disappointed with my boiled egg whites on toast. She did fart a lot that day, I have to tell you, so I kept the rest of her meals very prune-tastic in order to, erm, even things out a bit.

3 Responses to “Egg”

  1. SMmomma says:

    My babes first food! Plopped a hard boiled yolk onto her tray and she happily went to food town.

  2. Chealsea says:

    Do you recommend scrambled eggs at all? I’ve heard they’re good too because you can just set them on the high chair tray and let the little on go to town. Thoughts?

  3. Carina says:

    I gave eggs twice to my 6 months old little girl. First as an omelette,cut into striped pieces like finger food. It was alright but difficult for her to chew. Second time as scrambled eggs and it worked much better! She loved them.

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