Wash, chop into pieces about two inches long and then slice the pieces into wedges. Remove the seeds if you like. I don’t tend to, it depends how fresh and young you think the courgette is (and how fresh and young you are feeling at that particular moment).

Really handy to take out with you as they don’t make much mess, not a great deal gets eaten but the babies enjoy sucking and chewing on the sticks and it seems to help their teeth.

I have also given my baby some steamed courgette, which she enjoyed and a lot more went in, although if I’m honest she likes it best lightly fried in butter. Just like her parents…

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  1. Amanda says:

    I find that char-grilling a courgette gives it much more flavour. My girl can’t get enough of a courgette this way in rounds or grated and with cheese, egg, herbs and buckwheat flour, to make patties for frying.

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