Chips. Yeah, Chips. What of it?

Okay, perhaps the bravado is misplaced, it’s really just potato wedgie things that my delightful husband cooks but they really are delicious.

He gets some King Edwards or some other good chip potato and cuts them into wedges then gets a bowl with a small amount of olive oil (say, 1 dessertspoon) and a splash of soy sauce (1 teaspoon) and tips the potatoes in and rubs them with the mixture.

Then onto a wire rack in your roasting dish for about, say 40 mins (start prodding after half an hour). If you don’t have a wire rack then you’ll need to turn them halfway, although really it’s best with the rack as the air circulates all around and they go crispy. Delia says to use a baking tray but she is wrong. baby with chip

Obviously, the soy sauce is salty so it should technically be left off, but I always have to run them under the tap to cool them down for Babybear anyway so I guess it’s washed off. Anyway, you’ll see when/if you make them that the vast majority of the oil and soy get left in the bowl. By the way, we think organic potatoes taste better so that’s what we use. (Get us…)

And sometimes, dammit, if we are out in a restaurant and I know that their food is of good quality and that their chips will arrive unsalted… then I give Babybear a chip. And she loves it.

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  1. Jessica May says:

    We were in IKEA one lunch time, LO hadnt really done food yet but was watching what I was doing. I gave him a chip and hey presto, in the mouth. I dont think he missed a bit. Moderation is the key for me and it really got him thinking about what we put in our mouths. He eats loads of different things now and has really worked out how to put the food between his gums with his tounge. A good experience with great tastes is what they need me thinks.

  2. Jodi says:

    My boy enjoys a chip & lots of other things but i’ve only given him teeny tiny bits to try. He’s 7 months today & I can no longer eat without him reaching his hands out or giving me the evils because he wants my food. I’ve always let him eat what he wanted & as a sicky baby with reflux etc i weaned him onto food at 6 weeks old (I know its young but it worked for him), aaanywaaaay, He still has no teeth & is having a terrible time teething. I’d like to start blw with him, do you think its a good idea when there isn’t a tooth in his head? I was thinking about starting with banana, he absolutely loves anything thats got banana in. any other suggestions for a toothless Independant baby boy?

    • Aitch says:

      Don’t worry about the teeth, it’s funny that you say he hasn’t a tooth in his head because of course a headful of teeth is the one thing he definitely has. They’re there, just encased in gum, and boy are they hard.
      Personally, mine found banana quite gaggy but some kids love them. I think starting off with a bit of steamed carrot or broccoli is good, personally, or toast, rice cakes, that sort of thing. Good luck!

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