Brazil Nuts

See, I don’t know if I should even be mentioning these as obviously Babybear has long since ‘weaned’ but I wanted to tell the mums of older children about my latest healthy snack ‘discoveries’. Check me out, I’m like Columbus sailing the ocean blue here…

Anyway, I love a Brazil nut, I think they’re pretty healthy, zinc and all that kind of stuff, and I probably started giving them to Babybear when she was about 16 months old. She did take fairly big chunks of them to begin with (not that she choked but I was understandably watchful) but the more molars she has, the better she’s got at eating them. Plus they are quite soft as nuts go, because they’re so oily.

They’re easy to get hold of in Boots and M&S nowadays, as well as yer general supermarket, which means that as an ‘oh my god we’re out and I’ve got NOTHING’ standby they’re pretty good.

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