You know, I had a bad feeling about apples…

I just thought that, as adept and talented as my daughter undoubtedly is, the apple might prove her undoing… and it did.

The poor wee thing gagged and choked and I was forced to do the old slappy-back thing (at the same time hopelessly aware that she was sitting in a restaurant high chair that we had practically lashed her into and that if we were ultimately required to tip her upside down we would probably have to do so by turning the entire chair over…)

I had cut it into segments, and she was really enjoying the taste and the sensation of it, but a piece broke off that was too tricky for her to handle and there were tears… (mostly mine).

Think we’ll give the apples a miss until she has some top teeth and I can just hand her the whole thing to scrape on.

Post Script

Still no sign of the top teeth but at nine months old Babybear now enjoys eating her apples whole. I wouldn’t have started her any earlier, thanks to our choking experience, but what I do is bite a good chunk out of and hand it to her so that she can use her bottom teeth to grate away at the open part of the apple. Very, very handy to take out with you as it is a huge time-waster, and it is rather sociable, I find, to share an apple with your child. Especially when I get to eat 90% of it.

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  1. scarletts Mum says:

    So wish I had read this bit before. I posted the other night about my DD doing her best to give me a fright by choking on a piece of apple. I am just navigating my around the website tonight to see what else is going on and what I should be doing or avoiding with this BLW. I know, I know, I really need to chill out a bit!

  2. Katie says:

    After some apple scares myself I have grated it and squeezed some lemon juice on, Little Bean just shovels it to her mouth and sucks it up now without me having to have a heart attack. (it can look a bit brown fairly quickly but it still tastes fine.)

  3. Kim Mauriece says:

    My daughter Clara is almost 6 months, and she loves apple! What I do is peel and cut a wedge off a McIntosh apple, put it in the microwave for 30 seconds, cool it under water and then give it to her. She just devours it! Hope this helps!

    • Aitch says:

      good idea, what does it go like? all mushy?

      • Johanna says:

        I also have a 7 month blw baby called Clara! Just this minute tried the microwaved apple, it’s perfect; squidgy not mushy, so easy to hold but easy to chew. I peeled the skin off after microwaving. She loved it. Good job, as apples are all we have until the Shop, as I keep making banana chocolate cinnamon cake with the bananas…

  4. Liz says:

    I wish I had read this first. I was getting motivated by my little one’s desire for solids and gave her a slice. The peel of the apple gave me quite a scare when she choked on it. I scooped it out of her mouth with my finger and all was well.
    I think I’ll try grating it, she loved the flavor!

  5. TropiCarla says:

    We started solids yesterday at 6 months, 2 days and will be doing Baby-led weaning. Many thanks to you for this lovely site.
    Baby K loved the taste of apple, but I had to try 3 different preps before we found one that worked like a charm!

    Type 1: Peeled microwaved wedge – she didn’t like the squishy peel and wouldn’t pick it up.

    Type 2: Peeled raw (skinny) wedge – she loved this but kept biting off big chunks which caused her to gag and spit them out after a while. I was fine with the process but hubby almost had a heart attack.

    Type 3: Frozen wedge with peel intact – This went MAGNIFICENTLY. She grabbed it easily, seemed to enjoy the coolness on her gums, and the flesh/meat dissolved easily into almost mush as she enthusiastically gummed it. She obliterated the meat of it, handily keeping ahold of the skin while she continued to eat it; then dropped the skin when she was all done. We were ecstatic. HURRAH!

    • Aitch says:

      interesting about the frozen wedge, i would never have thought of that… v clever. i’m with your husband re the raw apple, though. ;D

  6. Stacy says:

    Hello! Good idea to heat up the apple to make it softer, but what if I don’t want to use a microwave? Would steaming or baking slices make them too mushy?

    • Aitch says:

      Baking is loooovely, and I think I have seen people talk about steaming them too. I bet there’s a critical moment when it’s perfect before going too mushy. Probably a nanosecond…

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  8. Neli says:

    My youngest is 19 months almost, and apples still don’t work for him. He loves the taste, but can’t handle the texture, at least not of those that we adults or grown kids in the house like. Recently he did eat a small “children’s” apple, which flesh was very floury. We prefer the crunchy juicy types. But the idea of microwaving them or freezing them is really great! Will give that a try.

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