Sorry, just spotted my beloved child spraying water around the room like Moby bloody Dick and remembered that I had meant to write something about water. I’m still not 100% sure about¬† the rules for Baby Led Weaning and water (what? there are rules?) but I generally just put it out for her to knock off the highchair table.

In the hot weather we’ve been having recently she has definitely been drinking more, but she has never yet picked up the spouty cup thing by herself other than to chew it. So I always have to pick it up and offer it to her.

As for the actual kind of cup, I’ve tried quite a few. The Avent Magic Cup magically prevented water from coming out of it and I’ve heard similar reports about the Tommee Tippee one. Still, I’ve bought the damn thing now so I’ll try it again at some point in the future.

I’ve let Babybird drink from a glass (sometimes my own, sometimes a wee shot glass which fits her mouth a little better). That’s fine but can sometimes end in a drenching, which isn’t that practical when we are out and about.

We have also tried those crazy blue trainer teats that they sell in Boots. You just put them into a bottle and off you go, but as I am formula feeding (oooo-hoh, more of THAT later, my friends) I don’t want the baby to get confused about what she’s drinking so we’re going to jack them in shortly.

What else? The very basic Tommee Tippee ones with the solid spout are quite good but seem to explode open when chucked from a highchair. But she can actually get water out of the spout so that is a bonus.

I suppose the best I’ve found so far is a Superdrug one with a wee straw which curls round the inside of the lid and up towards the spout. The baby seems to like it, she can drink from it, the lid stays on if it crashes to the ground, she doesn’t have to tip herself back to drink from it and it doesn’t leak badly. However, it doesn’t have any protection for the spout so I always feel that it’s a bit manky if I take it out in my bag. With the weather the way it is at the moment I just have it jammed into the side of the pushchair with the baby.

Thinking back, it’s only in the last week or so that she’s actually started drinking anything from those cups, though, so it’s hard to say whether she’s developmentally ready or tormented by the recent infernally hot weather.

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  1. rach says:

    we are doing ok with basic lidded cups from sainsbury/tesco (pack of 5) that just have a couple of holes in the spouty bit of the lid. we also have a boots lidded cup with a flip lid for going out, but usually just ask for a espresso cup or teacup in cafe/restaurant and I hold the handle while JI holds the rim.

  2. Joy says:

    We use the basic Tommee Tippee one and haven’t had any trouble with the lid coming off (I may be eating my words tomorrow, probably jinxed myself now!). I find so long as the spout is up and open when you put the lid on, so air can escape, the lid goes on firmly and stays on, even when tossed from a highchair… at least that’s what’s happened so far.
    We also use a doidy cup, we used to ONLY use the doidy cup, but I have to keep hold of that one otherwise he’d empty it everywhere by shaking it around. I found that me wanting to keep hold of it and Rufus wanting to take it for himself usually ended up with a bit of a wrestling match, one that he was in serious danger of winning as he is spectacularly and unnaturally strong!

  3. MS says:

    Our DD is 7 months. We have breastfed (still are) and at 6 months started BLW. She never took a bottle or sippy cup. We got a “baby” cup and she is learning to drink from that, but she LOVES water. We had to hold it and lift it at the beginning, but now she does the work self. She doesn’t always put the cup back on the tray before moving to something else. But oh, well. The dogs are great at cleaning the floor :)

    When we are out she will drink water from either my husband’s or mine bottle. It’s actually kind of nice to not to have to pack bottles.

  4. Nadine says:

    I also have been using the Tommee Tippee sippy cup without any problems. It’s been knocked about plenty and does not leak. Only annoying thing is that DS has to lean right back to drink and actually get the water out. But once he does he just gulps it down so it’s good that he likes water. I’m still BF but always offer water in between and after self feeding as it’s just so very hot in summer (in Australia). I’m also teaching him to drink from a cup but he usually ‘backwashes’ this as he thinks it’s the same as blowing raspberries in the pool.

  5. jenny says:

    We’ve just got a Nuby sippy cup, the spout is soft & when baby bites the spout the valve open & water magically appears in their mouth. It’s the best we’ve tried so far had advent & tommee tippee but they’ve been chewed & dropped on the floor but never drunk from. I got the Nuby from boots was about ¬£3

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