Dairy alternatives and calcium intake

We went to see the dietician yesterday and I now know that a one year old requires 350mg of calcium a day.

100ml cow’s milk = 120mg
100g sardines = 460mg
The only reason to have milk is for the calcium. I asked why milk was recommended and was told it was because it always has been. I guess it’s easier to suggest a pint of milk rather than one fig, a handful of seeds, a portion of kale etc etc…

The dietician suggested I use fortified rice, oat or soy milk in cooking and recommended soy or hydrolysed formula for drinking.

I’m happy that I can drop the morning breastfeed and replace it with fortified rice milk in Moomin’s porridge. However, the night feed is a bit more difficult.

On reflection, I don’t want to give her soy formula. At least not in the volumes that are being suggested. There’s no daily maximum allowance for soy. I was told that if she has 500ml she should be okay. Not comfortable with that. I guess we can try hydrolysed formula if the GP will agree to prescribe it.

She’s been off dairy for five days now and her skin has nearly cleared up. I think she could probably cope with some dairy. Her eczema is currently restricted to the back of her knees, if she was ravaged with it, I would take her off dairy completely. I can’t even be sure it is the dairy that causes it to flare up. There’s illness, teething, weather, full moon…

So, we are part way there. The quest to raise my child whilst making not a single mistake continues…ahem.

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  1. Kay says:

    Very interesting. My daughter has a problem with dairy. I’m breastfeeding her on a dairy free diet but she’s about ready to wean. 5 1/2 months. I really want to do baby led but was a little concerned as I can’t give her cheese etc. I love this site and am more reassured. I think I’ll take a trawl for high calcium, dairy free foods and see how we go. Good luck. Na d my daughter has beautiful skin on no dairy. People comment on it all the time. I hope the eczema clears up.

    • Lucy says:

      My little boy also has dairy issues (though his are all gastro-intestinal) to the point where I can see the difference in him if I have more dairy in a day than I would have in 2 cups of tea. So, at 9 months, he has never yet had any dairy foods himself, but I can’t say I am concerned about his calcium intake as he eats plenty of green veg, date and seed balls with sesame seeds, and loves chickpeas as a snack. And don’t forget breastmilk contains plenty of calcium too :)

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