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Thursday, September 23rd, 2010

First posted when my child was about 7 months.

Unbelievably messy, somehow. We are talking about a simple, friendly, almost smiley yellow banana after all. Honestly, this is best served to a naked baby, but if not I would seriously recommend a combination of fabric and pelican bibs. Banana turns a particularly revolting and utterly permanent black colour on clothes, so cover up well.

I find the best way to serve a banana to my little monkey is to chop it in half across the middle and then peel it down the sides as if it were two bananas. I try not to expose more than about an inch and a half of the fruit, because otherwise it breaks off, and I snip off the excess skin with scissors. If I don’t, the baby eats the skin and much as I buy fancy-schmantzy fair trade organic bananas I still don’t think the skin is that desirable for her to eat.

The good thing about doing it this way is that the baby can hold onto the dry skin and eat the flesh without dropping it. She loves banana, and looks unbelievably cute while eating them (see photographic evidence, in particular Miss G).

I have read that bananas can make babies constipated, but then I have also seen them touted as a cure for constipation so who knows? Ask your health visitor (pfffshaaahaahaw!) or instead use your cunning and well-honed maternal instincts to decide if banana has a detrimental effect on your wee one. The nappies are a big clue.

Post Script

About the nappies… someone posted in a complete panic on Mumsnet that their baby appeared to have contracted thread worms and that she had phoned NHS Direct. About fifteen people responded with a calm ‘er, did you give her a banana?’

I’d completely forgotten the shock of seeing your first banana nappy, when Babybear got hers I actually rang my mum. Vile, I tell you, vile. And wormy.

Also, just to let you know that Babybear has long since graduated from the ‘skin-on’ method of banana consumption and now that her grip and dexterity has improved she just takes half of it at a time.

Post Post Script or What I Have Learned about ‘Nanas.

1. You’re doing it wrong. Turns out monkeys open the banana at the blunt end. It seems to keep the stringy bits at bay. Who knew?

2. You can also serve them up by opening the banana, breaking in half and kinda poking your finger into the fruit so that it breaks into three long and perfect pieces of finger food. Which your child will then squash mercilessly into whichever garment or soft furnishing you like best.

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Thursday, September 23rd, 2010

Article first published when my first child was seven months old.

You know, I had a bad feeling about apples…

I just thought that, as adept and talented as my daughter undoubtedly is, the apple might prove her undoing… and it did.

The poor wee thing gagged and choked and I was forced to do the old slappy-back thing (at the same time hopelessly aware that she was sitting in a restaurant high chair that we had practically lashed her into and that if we were ultimately required to tip her upside down we would probably have to do so by turning the entire chair over…)

I had cut it into segments, and she was really enjoying the taste and the sensation of it, but a piece broke off that was too tricky for her to handle and there were tears… (mostly mine).

Think we’ll give the apples a miss until she has some top teeth and I can just hand her the whole thing to scrape on.

Post Script

Still no sign of the top teeth but at nine months old Babybear now enjoys eating her apples whole. I wouldn’t have started her any earlier, thanks to our choking experience, but what I do is bite a good chunk out of and hand it to her so that she can use her bottom teeth to grate away at the open part of the apple. Very, very handy to take out with you as it is a huge time-waster, and it is rather sociable, I find, to share an apple with your child. Especially when I get to eat 90% of it.

Post Post Script, or What I Have Learned about Apples.

Some people grate them, and let children wreak havoc with piles of increasingly brown fruit or stick it in some yoghurt and let them have their way with that. I’ve also heard tell of microwaving segments of apple to soften it, or just serving waaaaaffer-thin slices. Whatever. Use your noodles, basically. You know that it’s a choke hazard, you know to be careful and take precautions. Let’s be careful (with apple) out there.

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