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Tuna and Cucumber Sandwich

Loved it. Home-made, of course, from canned tuna and shop-bought bread and, urm, organic cucumber from a supermarket. The Husband and I were eating them at the time, so we gave Babybear a bit off the side and she enjoyed peeling it all apart before going on to eat the constituent parts separately. We had to pile and re-pile the tuna up into the middle of her high chair tray a couple of times as Babybear’s inclination is always to spread her food as thinly as possible across whichever surface is available to her. She managed fine, though, and really enjoyed the thinly-sliced cucumber.

As with the smoked salmon, however, she did absolutely honk of fish afterwards. I don’t know why I find this so disconcerting… possibly because we don’t yet use soap with Babybear so the fishy memory lingers on for quite a while?

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