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Toasted Cheesy Pitta Fingers

Now obviously you’ve all been doing this since the clock struck six months but I’ve only just realised today that if you cut a pitta in half to make a pocket, slide some thin slices of cheese and a bit of chopped tomato into it and then stick it in the toaster then it makes a pitta melty thing that can then be left to cool down a bit (a bit? they’re thermo-bloody-nuclear) and cut into fingers. It was great as it wasn’t too messy so could be eaten standing up, which is how Babybear likes to lunch these days. A stick of carrot in one hand and a pitta finger in the other, very virtuous. And so very quick.

Okay, tell me. Am I the last person on earth to realise that this is a quick and easy lunch? what other things could we jam into the cheesy mixture that wouldn’t then fall out? Spring onions? Do they actually have any nutritional benefit?

Oooohoooh, these are really coming into their own now that the sun is out. Which as you may be bitterly aware, means over the last two days in the UK.

Now as you may know I’m not a huge one for the whole disguising of vegetables thing, but one of my favourite sandwich fillings ever is grated carrot, hummous and raisins. I think it would be revolting in these, needless to say.

However, grate one carrot and some cheese into a bowl (I used the Microplane grater but a fine setting would do the trick) along with some spring onions and a half teaspoon of either cumin or sweet paprika and they are lovely, all cheesy and melty and sweet from the carrot. You could add tomato too but Babybear seems to have an allergy so they’re off the menu for us for the moment.

You’re not tricking anyone, I promise, but if you do have any reluctant veg-eating siblings in the family I’d have to say that you can’t tell there’s carrot in there once the cheese has melted around it. And for BLWers like myself who sometimes wish to cut down on the amount of cheese and ‘up’ the veg, they are great. My husband has eaten them for lunch for the past two days, if that’s any indication. Made them himself and everything…

I have actually done a bit of tuna mayo and cheese in a tuna melt pitta pocket style-y. Not quite as mess free but went down a treat with the pumpkin. Not sure abut the nutritional value of spring onion but I’d wager it would be quite tasty.

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2 Responses to “Toasted Cheesy Pitta Fingers”

  1. MammaElf says:

    Cheesy Pitta Pockets are awesome. So easy! I tend to put in whatever I have left over from dinner the night before. Finely chopped peppers and mushrooms work well too. If you’ve had fajitas or burritos the night before, then pop it in the pitta with cheese and enjoy :)

  2. Cat says:

    You could spread with pesto -green or red – before adding the cheese and some chopped peppers or the tomatoes mentioned here, or add sweet corn too.

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