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Spingle and Nome's family recipe for Potato Cakes

“Great Nanna Peg’s/Nanny Annie’s potato cakes

This recipe is actually the Nome’s great granny’s, but her Nanna makes a mean version. They are a lighter, fluffier and altogether more comforting version of tattie scones. I grew up eating them with bacon as a lovely Friday night tea – thought that they might make usable fist food, and a good vehicle for other flavourings, and the Nome shoved them into her mouth as fast as her little paws could go.

Potatoes – fluffy mashable kind
butter – unsalted, ideally
flour – I use plain, but can’t see SR doing any harm

Peel, chop and boil potatoes until cooked enough to mash. Drain, and mash with a knob of butter until most of the lumps are out – don’t overmash. (Add extra ingredients at this point – see below for suggestions). Add flour little by little until the dough just stops feeling sticky, but is still light and fluffy. Place on a floured board, and pat into a circle about 1 1/2 cm thick. My mum usually cuts this into wedges, but I went all posh and used a scone cutter. A complete waste of time, as the Nome rearranged them into the abstract shape of her choosing, and then shovelled them in. Anyway, put a very small amount of butter in a hot frying pan, let it lightly cover the pan, and then fry on both sides until golden brown – it’s very quick.

Suggestions for additions – a good Lancashire cheese met with N’s approval, and I’ve also made them with spinach and herbs. They’d make a good fishcake as well, I reckon, and bits of other veg would also work.

The great thing is that you can collect up the bits that litter the high chair tray, squish them together, and if your child is as laid back as mine, they’ll just treat it as a brand new potato cake. I think it’s good “early BLW” food, as it’s very handleable, but soft enough to bite and manipulate easily for the novice baby.”

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3 Responses to “Spingle and Nome's family recipe for Potato Cakes”

  1. RiRah says:

    I grew up having potato cakes as a treat. Never would have thought about adding stuff to them for my baby without seeing your recipe. Thanks for that!

    My baby likes them with spinach & cheese and tuna, parsley and lemon. Going to keep trying new flavour combinations.

  2. Joanne says:

    just made these not to sure if i did it right followed recipe but ended up adding loads of flour to potatoes until it stopped being sticky
    hopefully baby likes them all the same

    • Aitch says:

      fingers crossed… actually i was reading about this a while back, apparently the water content from potato crop to potato crop differs wildly, not just with type but rainfall, hard winters etc, so this makes me wonder if all generic potato recipes are a bit suspect?

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